What is the Universe??? (Brain Fart)

     The universe is a system much like the human body or any living creature or organism. Meaning everything has a cellular level... Get It???? So stick with my thoughts for a minute this is gonna be very short. Now as I said the universe is in its simplest definition a large system. It is [or at least should be] common knowledge, that every system has its various small parts that makes it run. If we take the human body again as an example we start off with the skin and work our way down to blood cells, anti-bodies etc. So it is with the universe. Now if that is the case then what if we are simply the blood cells which make up the universe?
     Now you may be saying that we as humans don't number enough to make something as large as the universe run, but how do you KNOW that we are "alone" so to speak? We are currently not advanced enough in our technology to explore outside our solar system to its full potential. So at this present moment we can not be certain that life does not exist on other planets in other similar systems. However the point I'm making is this: The universe is not a lifeless "thing", it is a living breathing entity and we are the ones who keep it alive. In the fact the universe is growing everyday just like every living thing on earth. Another out-there theory could be as follows. "When humans die we return to being a part of the earth, so too then is it similar for the planets. When they die [and you can be sure they eventually will] the return to being a part of the universe. In retrospection, I have to admit this whole post made a lot more sense when it was still being thought up in my head. Now that its written? Not so much, but what are you gonna do? Hope it made sense to someone anyway. This has been a Brain Fart.

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