Joe Grine

     Who know Joe Grine??? If you don't know Joe then that's about to change. This poem is all about Mr. Joe Grine and is written by Britton Wright. It is patois rich and filled with humour but at the same time is a serious thing to think about. So here's Joe.


Written By: Britton Wright

Me name Joe. Your woman deh pon more dan my mind doah.
If yuh come home early from work an yuh find yuh spouse nuh deh bout, 
Chances are she deh ova my house a grind.
A suh mi stay. By di way nuh pay too much attention to a certain pair a socks pon di line.
Me name Joe. 
More time mi actions hurt a next man pride an cause conflict inna him life 
But him wife did tyad a di drama an decide fi hide an guest star inna my show.
Mi anuh rappa but she did rate my flow. 
Grind a mi last name. Mi fix yuh girl wid sum vitamin sex 
Cause she did vex an stress out an last night she text
Say yuh did past lame so she did haffi pill yuh.
Nuh mek it kill yuh doah. 
A jus me. 
If yuh notice yuh significant other draw sum suspicious funds 
Weh mek yuh say tings less dan Christian, nuh badda fret don.
She jus a tek English class fi work pon har diction.
A Joe man. 
D younger, betta lookin’ bredda weh yuh neva know. Yuh zimi?
Uncle Joe yuh son call mi when him see mi.
Ahh bwoy. Mr. Grind. It nuh always pleasant cause more time di nosy tenant spot mi 
A climb true di window an den go call police pon mi.
Trus mi family. Dem time deh mi haffi scale di wall 
An all run from di pit-bull inna di backyaad.
Mi deserve a Emmy award 
Cause fi pull off disya ack haad but fimi back broad.
A true yuh nuh know. It rough when yuh show up 
An mi haffi tuff it out inna di stuffy closet.
A nuff time dat reach mi star an wen mi get a chance 
Mi haffi cut an do road like a track star fi reach di car.
Mi always get ketch inna di worst way.
One time mi haffi bolt out naked an a neva mi birthday.
Life haad when yuh masta di arta bun.
It get worse to cause sometime Mr. Maama Man pack a gun 
An it nuh fun fi a hol up yuh pants an a run.
A Joe still an if yuh show skill she won’t fill yuh ears wid lies.
Tek mi advice bredda.
Service har reg’la an she won’t haffi find mi. 
Mr. Joe Grind.


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