Hard Candy (A Review)

  Okay so I heard about this movie when it was due to be released and I just never got around to watching it until today. Wow is all I can say about it...just ....wow... Lets get started on the review now shall we???

Hard Candy

The Review

     This film starts out as most cases of paedophilia tend to, via instant messaging between the two parties, a little girl and a 32 year old male "photographer". The two arrange a meet up and eventually head back to the mans place where the girl mixes them a couple of drinks. These drinks however are drugged. The man Passes out but when he awakens he finds himself tied to a chair and accused by the girl of being a paedophile.
     Now what we really need to consider with this movie is the undertones and the controversy it portrays which is certainly not a light subject. The girl is a vigilante and tortures the man both mentally and physically until (spoiler alert)…………….. she drives him to suicide. She starts out like a cute kind and gentle little girl but by the end of the film you are driven to wonder who was in fact the bad person here. She is not a nice character in any way shape or form. On the other side of the spectrum however.... this man is a paedophile, taking advantage of young, innocent little girls, which is of course by all standards, a horrible thing.

     Hard Candy basically takes you and drop you on a battlefield of psychological warfare, you're kind of not sure which way you want to think. You want this man to pay for his crimes yes, but this little 14 year old girl should not even be in this mans house, tying him to a table, removing his pants and (Spoiler alert)................ Castrating him... She should be home playing with dolls and sneaking into her mothers room trying on her make-up and high heels.

     The question as I mentioned earlier then becomes who do you root for? Neither character is particularly likeable. Do you side with the vigilante who is cruel and sadistic? Or do you side with the pedophile who has done horrible things? Both are shown to be human with flaws and emotions but both are for lack of a better word, evil….

     Its such a conflicting film but it creates some great drama out of some incredibly complicated subject matter. Ellen Page plays the young girl and does an amazing job. I never would have thought a 14 year old girl could be scary and intimidating but here we are. With this film, Juno and An American Crime amongst others films, she will go far. Have a trailer and see a little of what is going on here...



     Ok so I have basically given you a basic run down of the movie and you've seen a snippet of it through the trailer above. So how exactly do I rate this movie???

Plot: 10/10
Acting: 10/10
Rewatchability: 8/10
Overall: 10/10

     I simply loved the choice of actors and the way the whole movie itself was put together. If I had to choose a favourite scene I guess I would have to pick the last one where the man actually committed suicide. This girl played on his psyche to the very end and she played it like a pro. Definitely go and give it a watch, you will more than likely be satisfied. Watch it and share your thoughts below.

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  1. Daaaaaamn! What a great movie! I'm still trying to put myself together after so many emotions mixed together.
    Ellen Page was brilliant, totally believable in such a hard role (or part? I'm not native, sorry). That's why I love Ellen Page <3

    1. Yes it was indeed a wonderful movie :D and she was indeed Brilliant in her role. Kudos to you unknown Citizen lol


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