Jamaica To Japan: I Can Dream...

     Judging from the title of this post you should already be able to judge what the contents within it contain. That is however, hoping that I have judged my readers in an appropriate manner. With that being said and done, lets get started.
     Now most of you may know that I am an avid follower of Anime/Manga and other Japanese related things. Then again most of you who read this probably didn't know this until today, but that's besides the point really. The point I'm making here is, anyone who is not FROM Japan and who, like me, indulges in the wonders they produce all experience a sense of calling. As if a voice is calling you saying "Come, Japan needs you" or something along those lines.

     So I just recently happened upon this blog here (Jamaipanese) and it became even clearer to me what I must do. The person who runs it, is Jamaican just like me, the only difference is he has fulfilled the calling and made the journey to the great land of Japan. Now although the task was difficult and had its hiccups, he has, through his success, made it known that although difficult, it is not impossible.


     Okay so me just saying "I want to go to Japan one day" isn't going to do me much good unless I actually get up and put in some serious thought about the whole task. Herein lies the problem, there a few things that MUST be done before I can even begin this journey. These things as well as many more that I can foresee for myself are outlined in minute detail on the Jamaipanese blog. Here however are just a few of them:

  • Acquire a Visa (Japanese and US)
  • Plane Tickets
  • Basics of the Japanese Language
  • Rail Pass 
  • Spending Money
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Lodgings etc

     Just to name a few of the things which will be required. In my case however, along with the visas, i will need to renew my passport which is the lesser of the evils as it is a much easier task to accomplish. The learning of the Japanese language is something that I plan to do regardless of if I manage to make the trip or not. As for everything else... Money. That is my main concern at the moment as nothing can be accomplished without this basic necessity. So on this note I remain baffled as I am currently unemployed. This poses a major problem in my plans...and so.... The Job Hunt continues

"To Be Continued": Tsuzuku

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  1. i know that feel. for me i doubt it will ever be more than a dream but thats the beauty of dreams.

    1. I know right! But one day I MUST go (Y)

  2. It all starts with a dream ..what you do after is really what makes the difference.

    Get creative .... I know you'll find some great money-making ideas .. Make sure none involve me bailing you out of jail :P

    1. Dont plan to go to jail! It would hamper my plans to achieve Japan


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