GUEST POST: The Way She Does It

     Im back again and what I have is yet another Guest Post by a friend of mine. She goes by the name Kaimoi Nkoi on Facebook. If you want her real name then you're more than welcome to ask her yourself. This is yet another poem and I found it rather ...enticing, if I do say so myself. Give it a read share your thoughts, give your feedback and share it with someone. Please also note that this poem is erotica. Enjoy ;)

~~~The Way She Does It~~~

He walks out of the shower and into the room
The towel drops
He is naked from the neck…


Down go her eyes as she looked him up
Up goes her finger as she calls him to her
Casting a hook into him, pulling him in without a line

He is pulled to her
His legs move until he is at the edge of the bed
She moves until she’s face down

Ass up

That perfect arch giving him ample thoughts
Until with one gentle blow of air she wipes those thoughts away
One gentle blow of air

Directly on his dick
And then a well-timed yet surprising lick
That gained an untimed and surprised gasp

Accompanied by a jump as his lower mind expressed its approval
She looks up at him
Unparalleled pleasure promised in her eyes
Freaky creativeness in her smile

She licks her lips
Once, twice
His eyes slide closed, the anticipation too much………….
She leans forward and takes him into her mouth


He forgets how to breathe
Inch by inch
Wrapping her tongue around his tip

His knees buckle, he forgets how to stand
She takes him ALL

Into her mouth
Doing things unimaginable
Making him moan

And she does. Not. Stop
Even when he grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth.
She does not stop.
Even when he said I’m about to come

She does not stop
Even after his warm liquid love shoots into her mouth
She keeps sucking, milking
And after he’s done, after he’s spent, after he can’t move

She looks up at him and swallows his cum
With a smile


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