GUEST POST: Dance Of Desire

    Another Poem by my friend Kaimoi. If you enjoyed the last one then you are almost certainly bound to enjoy this one. Just like before NSFW. Give it a read and share your thoughts below. Enjoy :)

Dance Of Desire

She dances, hypnotizing him

Her eyes, sultry and dark and smoky, mesmerizing him

Calling him…to her

Her hands above her head,

Braced on the wall behind her as if tied there…

Naked from the waist…up

Twin peaks pointed up and out, taunting him, messing with his head

His brain supercharged with sensuous lust…

She licks her lips, slowly and his eyes darken in response.

He comes closer, her breath catches in her throat

He licks her neck, she whimpers

He kisses his way to her nipples, her knees give out

As he continues his kamikaze mission to drench her underwear,

The tigress awakens within her…don’t go there, don’t go there…

But he does, pulling an already hyper-sensitive nipple into his mouth

And his tongue works magic…a soft growl escapes her throat

And she pulls him back up and proceeds to kiss him senseless

Spinning him around in a sloooooooow dance of desire.

Now he’s the one braced on the wall with hands above his head

Helpless and weak and moaning as she kisses her way

Slooooowly, druggingly, down his body, naked from the head…down…

She is on her knees, almost reverently

A warm breath comes from her body as she looks through glazed eyes

At the wondrous beauty before her…

He exhales sharply as she takes him oh so slowly into her mouth

And her tongue began working black magic, sinful, but felt so good.

He is helpless, weak, as her creativity gets the best of him.

She begins to dance, body moving like an Egyptian snake.

She dances, seducing him past rational thinking and he forgets his name

His purpose, he forgets everything but his room, her mouth, and her

Dance of Desire


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