Breaking Dawn Part 2 (A Review)

     Hello one and all! I havent done a review in a while but I believe the time is upon us where I should do one out of the kindness of my heart... Anyway, the movie in question today is... yes you guessed it; Breaking Dawn part 2. Lets jump right into it then shall we?
     Before I start the actual review however I would like to say that doing this goes against my own little code. I downloaded the movie the day after its release so I could watch it without anyone knowing. So just doing this makes that move irrelevant and now anyone who reads this will know... Onto the review.

     The movie starts out where part 1 left off (Yes I watched part 1 as well) Bella has just become a vampire. Strange enough she actually has more life to her as a dead person than when she was still human. As far as the movie itself goes, it was more or less just as it was written in the book (Yes I read the damn books too >.< don't judge me!) Bella had full control of herself due to the type of power she had. Reneseme grew quickly and Jacob imprinted on her lol. I simply wished that they had actually show the way imprinting was done it would clear a lot of things up..... Aside from that there was really not much new brought to the table where the scripting was concerned. The acting was still for the most part dull and melodramatic. I for one was expecting it to be more....exciting? Yes that's the word, exciting. I got my hopes up for nothing it seems. Another thing I was hoping to see was the use of blood and lots of it. I mean come on, its a movie about VAMPIRES!!! Where is the blood??? Yes its a romance movie and blah blah blah BUT once you have vampires you HAVE to have blood! The two go hand in hand. This however is not the case... we still see heads being ripped off and all that's inside is crystals I presume.

Michael Sheen
     However if im being true to myself I would have to say the the last half hour or so of the movie was mildly entertaining. They actually tried to add some humour into the mix. It was a good look. This humour was brought to you by the head of the Volturi of all people... His character actually gave a little life to a very dead situation. From the moment his appearance was made in the end my faith in the movie moved just slightly from negative to a very low positive. Apart from that, the acting as always remained the same. So to actually give this movie some cool points we have to look towards the CG aspect of things. I have to say, they were pretty decent, and thats all there is to say on that matter.

     With all that said (which was not much at all) my review is basically done. So I can end this here and just go into a bomb shelter to protect myself from the onslaught of twihards who may or may not wish to kill me in my sleep for hating on the end of a dark time in the movie industry. I would however like to point out that the hate that I have for twilight cannot be compared to the hate that Robert Pattinson has for it. For the sake of clarification hes the guy who plays Edward. NO one hates twilight as much as he does. So before you go and begin your raid, you should probably attack him first. I guess in closing, the best thing they could do is stop referring to it as a movie about vampires and romance, and just refer to it as a shitty romance movie and its review would most likely be better. The writer herself doesnt even know what the intricacies of a vampire are! She started writing the series about shiny fairy people and then eventually made them start drinking blood. She has no vampire knowledge whatsoever.... BYE! :D


Acting: 4/10
Plot: 3/10
CG: 7/10
Overall: 5/10

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