Dating: The Looks Department

     Hello, and howdy do to all who take the time out to read the rantings and ravings of a self proclaimed Introvert. Today topic is all about The Dating Game and how it is impacted upon by "The Looks Department". It will be nice and short. Sounds like fun right???? Well continue reading to find out what I have in store for you ;)
     Now I know we have on a whole most likely heard this quote "If you want a Victoria Secret Model looking Girl make sure that you are a Swimsuit Model looking Guy". This basically goes to show you that looks are one of those things that play a major role when it comes to dating and the sort.

     Quite a few females and even some males could be having wonderful rapport online without any initial meeting to see how the other party looks. The minute they meet however, they lose all interest because they dont live to the expectations of the image they created of that person in their head.

     Some refuse to date unless youre wearing Name Brand Clothing this ties in with the Gold Diggers phenomenon. I mean hey, someone's appearance IS the first thing you see, but it shouldn't be so much in the forefront of your list of priorities that it overshadows the good qualities that the person may possess. Now don’t get me wrong, but let me say, I knew plenty of guys in high school that wanted to date girls that they literally didn't even know. They saw them and they looked hot and that was all there was to it. Sort of gets you thinking like "Ok, do you really want to date them for any plausible reason or do you just want an arm decoration?"

     This leaves quite a bit to be desired doesn't it??? In this day and age, how well you do in a relationship is almost solely based on what you wear, how you look, how much money you have and who you know. Its kind of sad really. No one, save for the very small minority, get into relationships for any of the right reasons any more. This, in and of itself, is a contributing factor in the steady decline in the structural integrity of society. You could even say it aids in the increase of crime. Albeit by a very small percentage.

     I read the following somewhere and in all honesty it bodes true. Give it a read:

Compatible personalities are important, but this alone is what creates friendships. I have a number of great friends with awesome personalities, but they’re just friends simply because I don’t find them attractive. Good looks are what take that good personality that makes them a friend and it takes it into the realm of attraction, and therefore makes them somebody you’d be willing to date.
Long story short, good looks make the difference between friends and dating prospects. We as humans tend to be very very superficially and looks orientated, therefore if you think that look is not important you have to argue our nature itself, and you’ll have a strong battle to fight. So in essence I guess this sort of went the opposite way of which it was initially intended. I was planning to close this off by saying Looks don't matter. I guess I showed me huh? lol. Anyway, share your views in the comment section below. Do YOU think looks matter?? Give your reasoning.

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  1. Haha it does .. but the personality is what will keep you liking the person. After a while you get tired of staring at a good looking guy who can barely hold a conversation or mentally stimulate.


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