Safe To Say...

     Hello once again to all who take the time to actually read the things I post here. Today I take a personal route and talk about something that's getting to me.
 Now it is already a known fact that I am not working, correct?? Good. First off however let me first say this; I have been living by myself for a little bit over three years. In those three years I have become accustomed to doing things a certain way. However although I do live by myself, the apartment belongs to ny Aunt and Uncle. Now that we have that out of the way, back to the current time. My brother ( -_- ) more than three years ago moved to Kingston with our grandfather and from what I could tell they both couldn't get along (big surprise there -_- ). He was working and going to school right. He got fired around the same time as me. Why? I don't know and frankly I could care less. So he happens to find a job in Mandeville. Instead of finding somewhere else to stay however he decides that he is going to be staying with me. Now if you remember correctly, I said I've been living alone for just over 3 years and that the apartment belongs to my Aunt and Uncle. I forgot to mention however, that this is a one bedroom apartment... Moving on. They give him the Ok to impose upon me and my privacy. Now as I said after three years I have gotten used to living however I feel like. This jackass moves in and all of a sudden I'm expected to change myself to suit his needs. I usually have someone come over, now all of a sudden I'm expected to ask him before I have that person come over. The area constantly has water problems which I'm used to because, I've lived there for three fucking years. This dumb ass comes with his damn self, running water for over half an hour to have a bath. I used to have a double bed, now I'm forced to sleep on this uncomfortable piece of a twin bed because the ONE bedroom now needs to accommodate two beds. Something funny too, he gets the comfortable one. Isn't that nice??? Along with an assortment of other things, this is what I have had to put up with for the past couple of weeks. Now apparently once I do something he doesn't "approve of" he goes and runs off his mouth to the Aunt and Uncle and they come flooding my phone with calls and texts that I should make compromises to suit his needs -___-. I should probably start trying my luck with the reporting of things I don't like as well huh???  If that isn't bad enough I'm constantly being told that if I cant compromise I have to find a spot for myself. Now if I recall correctly I was the one who has been living there the longest. Why should I be the one to move??? Why not let the one who is working go find somewhere else to stay??? He can afford to I cant at the moment. Heck if I WAS working I'd gladly move because I seriously cannot stand him and I'm not afraid to say it. From we were kids to this very day he constantly finds a way to make my life a living hell. If that wasn't bad enough after almost every conversation they are constantly saying You need to find a job. Now that in and of itself is not bad at all. But the constant reminder day after day is stupid. I've not been working for just about a year now... what do you think I've been doing??? Looking for a damn job of course. You think I want to sit depending on someone for the rest of my life??? I cant just walk into a store and search the shelves then go checkout with a newly purchased job. They make it sound as if its that easy to get a job and I'm sick of it. All this started because that jackass was allowed to move in with me -_-. So let me say this: I fucking HATE my life. These are the types of things that push people over the edge and let me tell you, Im getting REAL close to that fucking edge right now.

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