Into depression

     Hey guys it's me again. So I'm just gonna talk about my day. Why? Because it's my blog and I can. Don't worry I'll keep it very short.

     So basically I woke up today and was still feeling a bit tired and stressed from yesterday. Should be understandable for anyone who is a part of the workforce really. So yeah I'm tired and stressed. I link the babe and my mood is lifted (she's good for me. More than she knows). Alas due to the rules of where I work in not allowed to have my phone on me so you know once I reach to work on out of contact. So my mood takes a turn downhill. So for the whole day I'm just not my normal self and everyone who looks to me to be the "life of the party" (so to speak) at work are wondering what's wrong. But honestly I really couldn't answer. I just feel (felt?)  a bit depressed I guess? I don't know. It's probably just my introvert battery is in need of a recharge. I maybe just need some alone time. That's all I suppose. Bye



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