Its just NOT so!

     Hey guys. Its me...again...then again it wouldn't be anyone else right? yeah so yeah it's me. Hello. So i',m here to talk to you about...myself. Yay. Short post incoming! 

     Now you have a stigma attached to the male gender of the human species. It's basically saying that all we really care about is Sex, Sex & more Sex. I'm here to say on behalf of myself (Nah chat fi nuhbaddi else cause I don't know y'all like that). I gonna toot my own horn and say I'm that one guy (maybe nuh me one but like mi say, nah chat fi nuhbaddi else) that put a relationship before sex. I'm not saying sex isn't a vital part of a relationship. No, on the contrary its the opposite. BUT one should not make it the corner stone of said relationship. That is one of the main causes of failed relationships. I'm that guy that tries to get to know the object of his affections on a certain level before I even broach the subject of sex. Hell I've been with a girl for about two years and never even... yeah. It should be noted that Ive been out of the dating scene for a while. Which in my unique case means "Sex? WHAT Sex?"

     You know what, going a bit off topic. Lets talk about why I haven't been in a relationship for a hot minute. I find it hard to talk women, plain and simple. Now stop listen and think about what it is I have to say. I'm about to drop some "Me" knowledge on you. When I say I cant talk to women I mean it in the sense that, If I see you walking by and that mysterious "Love at first sight" thing occurs I'm immediately tongue tied. I have literally no idea what to say to you. I imagine if that ever happened and I approached the "Loved" one id probably end up insulting her, her family and everyone else close to her before I even give her a compliment. Not purposefully of course but you get what I'm saying right. So I lack approach. 
     Naturally however I must have overcome this problem before so the question next is this, what happened after I did that? Well take a chill pill and let Teacher tell you whats up. My second flaw is that I cling too much once I have you in my sights. Doesn't sound too bad right? Females want attention #IGiveThat want me to care? #IDoThat whats messes it all up is that I do this TOO much. I will message you from now to next year without fail because I'm an insecure little shit that fears dropping off your radar. I just feel like if I'm not constantly messaging the person they are gonna just forget about me. See how that can be a bit (more than a bit) messed up? Yeah me too. Yet I cant seem to STOP doing it. Another thing is I'm an extremist in these situations, I either talk to you too much, love you too much or or do neither at all. So its all strictly black and white, no grey areas to be found any where. So I'm probably like the best toy you could get BUT there's one problem... I'm broken. I don't function like I'm supposed to. That ladies and gentlemen, is my problem, my Achilles heel if you will.

     Back on topic? Yes. So with all that has been said it really pisses me off when women try to say "Men just want sex, they don't want a relationship". All that bull grinds my gears. So of us really DO care, we really DO want a relationship. You women just refuse to give us the time of day. In so doing after a while you turn us into the very men who you detest, the ones who want nothing but sex, because there's only so much of one thing a person can take before they completely break/snap. With that, I end this post. 

Until next time, Ciao.



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