My Best Friend.

    Hi guys, at least whoever still reads my posts. I'm here to day to talk about something out of the ordinary. I'm gonna tell you about my best friend and the odd but perfect relationship we have. Its rather interesting if i do say so myself. Now contrary to popular belief (or maybe the belief is not so popular but just go with it) it is absolutely quite possible to be the best of friend with someone you've literally never met. This is our story...

Facebook back in the day (2008). Feel the nostalgia?
     It all started on facebook roughly...oh 9-10 years ago where I saw the most beautiful girl ever but she had this natural look that most pretty girls seem to have (WHY!!!??) that they look "bitchy". But being the awesome person I was at the time I sent her a message because she seemed saddened by something. I sent that message not expecting to get a reply cause you know, low self esteem and all. I just never thought a girl like her would give me the time of day. However moving on with my day for the next couple minutes and the I heard the familiar pop sound (back then anyway) that facebook gave when you got a message... it was from her.
    So I opened the message and we got to talking. Now I was, Am, and will most likely always be that guy that cares about how you feel so naturally I go to asking about what was wrong with her and what made her sad. So she got to telling me and pretty soon she opened up to me and I was still in shock that she was talking to me. Now you guys are probably thinking she lives worlds away from me and all that, but here's where the "oddity" of our relationship as I call it comes in. She lived in the same town as me and from the day we started talking to sometime last year (2015) we NEVER met ever! Yet we could always talk about anything no holds barred no question of will they tell anyone this or show anyone that. We trusted each other with everything. Sure we were on and off with the frequency of our conversations but our relationship persisted. 

     So after all these years we finally meet and wouldn't you know it the meeting was not planned nor did it work correctly. Now the reason for it is this, she came to my then work place looking for something but she was on a mission for that something and didn't notice my average Joe looking self. I noticed her but I couldn't call out as I wanted as I was dealing with customers (sigh). The second time we met was at my current job I was working in the production area at the time and for about an hourI had literally no customers come to me for anything (sweet bliss I must say) and then I see this nice old lady come up to me with some bananas I was like no problem. THEN!!!!! This exceptional beauty walks up behind her and was like mommy you want nothing over there? (Mark you it might not be what she said exactly but just go with it cho.) I stared for a second and was like... Paris???!!! She looked at me... I looked back... she looked at me... I grinned my ears off... OMG!!! Alwayne!!!! (That's her talking by the way. Thats also what she calls me most of the time.) and I was like YAAASS!! Its me! (Again not the exact words, it's the emotions that count) :D. I move to get comfortable cause im like we gonna have a meet up here today in my workplace and I care not who wants to say anything to me. I'm having a talk with my friend Who tell me fi feel so!! The second that thought comes into my head one bag a customer come bodda mi spirit! Now please remember I just had an hour of complete peace you know. I was lowkey livid. She sadly had to leave but. That was the first time me and her met face to face and had words. It was intoxicating to say the least. Since then we've moved to make that happen more frequently. However I shall say no more as I distinctly remember saying this would be short. But yeah that's my best friend and I love her dearly. So mek anybody try mess with her and unuh have me fi deal wid! #NonSmile


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