Things That Make Me Go "Ugggghhh!!!!"

     Hello everyone, your friendly neighbourhood me is back again. Now everyone has things that piss them off and who knows maybe we have a few in common. Today I will be listing a few of the ones that really grind my gears... because well, I love listing things. Deal with it.

Slurping / Bere noise when drinking liquids

     "Ssssssssssssppppp.... aahh" The sound and embodiment of all things annoyance. If there's nothing else that pisses me off, then this would. Most if not all of you should be able to agree with me on this fact. Slurping is a creation of the devil himself. I just don't see why people cant take their time and reduce the noise pollution. 

On The Phone With Everybody One Time

     We all know the type, they have the phone at their ears listening calmly waiting for the right time to strike and then.... "EXTREMELY LOUD CHATTER". I hate people like this. It's as if their voices are singing "Turn down for what". I mean come on, you're on the phone I'm definitely NOT supposed to be hearing all the intricacies of your conversation from the next much less from across the street.


     I watch movies.... a lot [at least I used to do so anyway] and I generally do this while sitting in front of my laptop [theatre is too mainstream]. Any whoozle, I hate when I'm watching my movie and there's someone constantly breathing down my neck. Makes me wanna hulk out or something. Just... don't

20 Questions

     While we're on the subject... When I'm watching my movie or my anime [power to Japanese animation] I absolutely hate it when you constantly ask me questions about the show im currently trying to enjoy. Just watch the damn thing if you're so interested in finding out why this person is dead, or why that persons eyes are a certain colour. Don't interrupt me with your ignorance. For shame.

Invasion Of Personal Space (Orbiting)

     Sorta, kinda similar to hovering. Basically it IS hovering but with the added feature of rubbing against me etc. I just don't like it for some reason, ask me why and I really couldn't give a valid explanation. I just don't.

     If I ever happen to remember all the other things that annoy me, I will update this post... That's also dependent on whether or not I even remember that I wrote this as well. Also it also depends on whether or not I can bother to think up a way to update it and then post without having to share it again and all that jazz. Better yet scrap this whole paragraph you just read, I'll just make a part two, better??? Yeah, okay bye.

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