The Constant Conversationalist

     Hello again guys, short little post today I guess. Apparently I'm just a tad bit too nice for my own good. I find it hard to be rude to people sometimes I suppose.
     Is it really that hard for someone to figure out when someone really not in the mood to talk? ESPECIALLY when youre right in front of said person? Like seriously now. Im sitting around typing away on my keyboard when a wild conversation appears. I listen for a few seconds, point has been made and I immediately turn back to my monitor. Lo and behold the conversation changes tactics and begins again. This time I turn my head for a few seconds and go back to my monitor before the convo ends. Point should be sort of clear right? Nope, wrong. This one is persistent... sadly. Introvert or not this is bound to piss anyone of right??? Please tell me I'm not the only one! :/


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