Blackberry thingy...

This is just a little informative post will be super short. As the title states, the famous Blackberry. When you have one of these smart phones the main thing you will be doing on it is using the BBM or BlackBerry Messenger. Now ive seen this happen time and time again where people make a mistake and have their phones wiped and what happens??
They lose all their shit. When this happens its not a very good experience. This occurence has not plagues me however and the reason for this is simple... I made backups. Yes people thats my secret i back shit up. The procedure does not take any extensive period of time and it will be worth your while in the long run. Now there are three main ways to make backups but ill tell you the two that I use. The two i use are Backups via email and backups via Desktop Manager. Once you do this you will be at ease knowing your shit is safe. The desktop manager is straight forward just follow your on screen instructions, piece of cake. The email version is just as easy but not many people care to explore the phone and figure it out. So heres what you do then.

Firstly, go to BBM and on the home screen hit your menu or BB button. Scroll down to Options>Backup>Backup Remotely. When you have done this you will be asked to select an email account to be used to store your backup file. If you have one set up on your phone already you may just select it from the list, if not however you need to do so now. Once youve done that and selected, you will hit the "Register" button. The email status will be checked (You should recieve a confirmation email). Voila!! Your done! :D your contacts will be backed up automatically. So you need not worry about losing contacts again. The sweetest thing is when you transfer your service to a different phone, as long as you setup the same account on the new handset all those contacts travel with you hassle free.

So save yourself the trouble and do this quick little step. Cheers



  1. My BB broke down (what a treacherous dutty behavior! *sigh*) but I'm proud to say I have been smart enough to have backed eveverything up both ways (email and desktop), as the BB had many mini heart attacks b4 passing away for good lol! I neve. Thanks for this very informative post! It can save lives :)

  2. Your welcome and its a good thing you did your backups :)


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