Social Networking VS Social Interactions

Social Networking has become a part of everyones life due to our constant need to communicate with friends, family loved ones etc. This communication has however, slowly moved from a direct contact to one less tangible. Facebook and Twitter are two of such various forms of communication.
In the few years thats these to social networking sites have been on the scene, they have garnered a vast following of mindless slaves, hooked on the simplicity and speed at which communication can take place, and with said communication comes Networking and the ability to make friend much easier. But how does this impact society????
Well the impact spans two horizons, Negative and Positive. Some of the ways in which this impacts us in a good way are as follows.

1) Communication Speed is increased. So we are not limited by distance or time when it comes to setting up meetings, appointments etc. seeing as most if not everyone is on one of these sites.

2) People interact with other more, albeit not in person but intereaction nonetheless

3) Exposure, especially via twitter. This all comes down to networking. If your follower base is large enough and active enough one tweet could reach thousands of people in seconds. Bringing traffic to whatever business or venture it is you are advertising.

Some of the negative effects of Social networking however include but are not limited to

1) Less physical interaction. People tend to stay indoors more often in the present day seeing that you can video chat, instant messaging are extremly prevalent.

2) Many different forms of crimes occur more often due to social networking plus bad decisions. Some of which include; Rape and Pedophilia.

3) Even though people interact with each other daily online, when they actually get together in person, most people find it hard to hold a decent conversation. This can be attributed to the fact that people can hide behind their browser windows in the safety of their own home without a fear of rejection, so they speak more freely, but once put into a public setting this barrier is no more and so they are more guarded in what they say and do.

4) One more thing that is very popular is lying about who you really are. Since this is the internet no one (unless they know you in person) can speak in confidence that who you say you are online is who you are in real life.

With that being said we see that yes the social networking has many good points, but it has just as much if not more negatives attatched to it.

So in closing nothing is wrong with social networking, yes it can be dangerous but only if used improperly. Just dont let it rule your life

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  1. Yea quite easy to get pulled in ... if you realize though that you ditched a 'night out' with a couple good friends to skype some random stranger in Pakistan that you've fallen madly for YOU HAVE A PROBLEM (not that I've done that ...)

  2. Riiiiiiight you sound guilty!! DWL

  3. hahaha No way!!!!

    lol Wow .... I didn't turn on comment subscribe . actually just figuring out that blog spot has one ... hence I'm replying weeks eh hem months later!

  4. well i forgive you lol and you DO sound guilty!!! DWL!!!!! one day me and you will skype


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