GUEST POST: 10 Question

     Welcome one and all to another Guest Post [Haven't done one of these in a while]. You've seen his work here before and I'm here to show it to you once more. I give you '10 Question' by Britton Wright

10 Question by Britton Wright

Excuse mi.
Do I need a account full a countless Nanny an Sheara fi share a sincere verbal exchange wid you?
Do I have to wear a pair a Clark's fi ask you name an from whence you came?
Excuse mi.
Shall the only chance to gain acclaim wid you be di quantity of fame an a cold gold chain attached to mi frame?
Will you hush and crush my sweet attempts wid bitter susumba seeds of shame if mi mane nuh lined wid rows of cane?
Excuse mi.
Would I be seen as lame if mi nuh approach wid di same plain pssst....sullying the air wid ridiculous remnants of retrofit rhetoric like a roach?
Do you consider it inconsiderate an barefaced encroachment a yuh precious ear space if di discourse mi tongue wear laced wid covert words of flirtatious intentions rather than overt mentionings a di typical an frequent 'Ramma Man' pretences of indecency?
Excuse mi.
If me nuh frequently flaunt an front like me a rude boy, would you toy and tinker wid a thinker like me?
Would I know di true joy of you?
If I brought a part a mi heart an a Julie mango as a brawta would dat be enuf to start a romantic fling or would you fling sinting afta mi in vexation claimin dat mi fall short a yuh lofty gestations an expectations?
Excuse mi.
If mi ungle got a humble plot a land weh mi plan fi have di feeling of fertility that is love scatter pon an it lack di grandeur of one a Matalon property or Panton mansion would you stand pon mi side or would you scurry away an hide from boundless possibility behind begotten insecurities in a jungle of misplaced pride?
Excuse mi.
If the answer to most a dese 10 critical question dat rest pon mi mind is yes, then excuse mi.
We jus a waste each other's time. 

  Britton Wright®



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