You NEED to have a girl.

     So it has been brought to my attention, that in order to validate my existence as a man, it's imperative that I have a special female in my life ie: Girlfriend, Wifey. . . Wut????????

     So I'm at work right [Yeah forgot to tell ya'll iWork again woopty-doo] and the topic of my love life [or what it should apparently be] came up.
     So as I said above, I'm being told that I have to have a woman in my life to be a man. Oddly enough however, when I requested a valid reason to this deduction none was forthcoming. Sure the bible says be fruitful and multiply [although some people see this as recipe "Beef, Fruit, Fuel and a Mallet Apply"], but that's beside the point. Sure it requires a man and woman to procreate and create life, but it is definitely not required for me to be able to stand proud [sometimes] and call my self a man. I guess you could probably say its my civic duty to bring life or rather give it. However, seeing the state the world is in with the birth rate and whatnot, I firmly believe I'm doing the world a justice by being the sour loner that I have made myself into [It's quite a sad story really but I don't wish to bore you with minor details].
     With that being said why is it that I'm not a certified man if im single and yet a woman is a woman regardless of relationship status? This just exemplifies the theory of double standards against males. Stop it, just stop.

    After all that has been said and done.... It WOULD be nice to have someone though... I'm just saying. HINT HINT for all you lady people reading HINT HINT. . . aaaaand Bye :)

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