Hello guys, as usual I'm here to give you my take another topic. Today we are talking about what's on everyone's mind these days... the dreaded Chik-V which is plaguing the Caribbean currently AND Ebola.
     Now first and foremost I'm generally one to avoid the Topic Of The Week/Month or whatever time period you want to apply it to but this virus is just... suspicious. Feel me? The suspicious one I would have to say is Ebola. Now why is that? Here's why. This is the scenario: Three people contracted the disease recently... Two of these people were white and then you have the Black man. Now apparently they magically found a cure for Ebola. Woohoo we have a cure, no one else needs to die! WRONG! The two white people got the miracle cure and are carrying on with their daily lives. The Black man however, well, he's dead [The black dude ALWAYS dies first kids, remember that]. Here's the thing though, apparently they ran out of the miracle cure on those two white people and then just decided to give the black man an experimental drug. Sounds suspect doesn't it?

     The way I see it, they are simply try to cull the black race. We ARE the superior race after all...well superior physically anyway. Yes I said it think of it however you want.

     What I sincerely believe is taking place is testing for a radical form of population control. Radical in the sense that they can wipe out a single race at a time as they see fit. So what is happening now is basically giving us a false sense of security that they are working on a cure by allowing us to see that the disease can be cured and causing us to lower our guards somewhat against the threat. It is at this point we arrive at Chikungunya or Chik-V as its fondly known as. 
     We are told that this disease is spread via the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, I however am very skeptical about this fact as well. Why??? Ill attempt an explanation.

     If the Chik-V is in fact spread by mosquitoes then it stands to reason quite a few more people would have already been infected. Irrespective of the strengths and weaknesses of different people individual immune systems. Yet it seems as if it is being targeted in certain areas to again test the effectiveness of the symptoms and whatnot. Just my two cents on the matter. Think about it though and you may just pick the sense out of my of my nonsense.

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