Travelling Ebola

     Very short post today, but I really want to know... So tell me now, you have a plane with someone who has been to Liberia and you ALLOW the plane to land? Furthermore you send this person on their merry way from the hospital?

     We are having basically a worldwide epidemic and you slack off with security measures at one of the main check points from which you can enter or leave the country? I find it hard to believe that you guys have a manifest which from my understanding contains travel logs, and you fail to notice [benefit of the doubt] that this person was JUST in Liberia?

     What should have happened was this: That plane should never have taken off. From the minute they checked the travel logs. This however is not the case. So if they even happened to overlook this important detail [again, benefit of the doubt], they should have caught it before the plane landed and immediately quarantined or sent these people back where they were coming from. The fact that this did not occur just leads me to believe my own conspiracy theory even more. Population control. This is nothing short of a biological attack on a worldwide scale. See my previous post here which basically gives my view on this whole Ebola debacle.

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