Brain Fart: New Age.. Classics?

     So...I'm at work right and the radio a beat some tune and mi deh deh a rock my head and thing.. then it hit me... These songs will be classics in a few years for our current generation...
     Nowadays old people generally love to talk about the things they used to do back in the day... Wait.. thats all old people in general... Anyway, most of them always refer to the music they used to listen to "back in the day right. Lovers Rock, Jazz, Souls etc. Good example would be an old lady remembering the music that was playing when her husband proposed to her or whatever. It would be something along the lines of... let's say Hello by Lionel Richie. Fast forward to a couple years from now and you may just have the following scenario...


Grandchild: Grandma... how did you get married?

New Age Granny: -pats weave- [Yes she still rocks a weave] well you know dahlin.. me and your grandad were at the club one night and this Lady Rapper named Nicki Minaj had a song called Anaconda right and it got me and your grandad were feeling some type of way and then we went out back. Then out of the blue we heard Wrecking Ball come on and we just lost ourselves... The rest is history.

Grandchild: So gram, what song played during your wedding?

New Age Granny: You know,I believe it was How To Love by Lil Wayne. Yes that was definitely it.


     Now imagine how that sounds in your head. Lol doesn't it just sound weird? Now imagine some of those really out there songs we will look back on and say "Now THATS a classic!" 

This brain fart brought to you by my brain and sponsored by the following song:

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