The Business Of Love Pt. 2

     Hey guys... I'm back. Promised you a part 2 so here it is. However if you're here and haven't read part 1 then don't get your panties in a bunch... I gotchu. >>>BAM PART 1<<< Holla at me.

NB: Some "Badwords" have been used so you have been warned. Carry On.

     Women are Women for a reason. No matter how “like a boy” you want to be (Calm down Beyonce). Being a nurturer is built in your DNA. You can’t change thousands of years of evolution just because the last dude did you dirty. It’s in a female to rock a crying baby even if she doesn't know the kid, and it’s also in her to want to be in a real relationship with a man she likes, sex is not her objective, and that’s what makes Females generally better human beings than men. Embrace that inner “kitchen bitch” stop trying to be like us– we’re animals! Of course you know there are always exceptions but you know that can be saved for another installment if I feel up for it. Cause you know, I aim to please and such.


     Now we have a Contract right, and when you sign a contract you are signing for [more often than not] a certain package deal. Yes?? With me so far. Good, now the contract we have is called the Love Contract and in said contact you have certain packages which you can acquire. Those packages include but are not limited to; The Relationship Package, The Rebound Package, The Jump-Off Package. There will also be on rare occasions the Oral Add On which can be appended to almost all packages depending on you and you wants and needs and whatnot.

The Relationship Package: You two hereby agree to move at your own pace with the intent of one day becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, agreeing to commit yourself to one another for the foreseeable future. If you choose this package, let it be known that you are not to give him the pussy anytime soon. In addition to waiting way too long to beat, he will be content with eating the pussy whenever you ask, talking on the phone a minimum of five hours a day, and being there when “that bitch at work is getting on your last nerve”. In exchange for the relationship pussy He agrees to introduce you to all friends and family members as “my woman” and erase the numbers of all past girlfriends from his blackberry.

The Rebound Package: You two hereby agree that the woman is in a delicate situation, and while she has the option to upgrade to the relationship package, for the time being this is strictly hardcore nasty sex followed by sporadic arguments when you “Do things that remind her of her ex-boyfriend”. The Rebound Package becomes null and void after a period of 60 days or when she gets back with her boyfriend—whichever comes sooner.
Renewal is based on performance of both parties the previous contracts lifespan.

The Jump-Off Package: You two hereby agree that you just want to fuck. You have a maximum allowance of two dinners outside of the apartment, and you are not allowed to introduce each other to any friends or family. At no time are you to call each other “boo or bay” or say the L word unless it’s to say “I Love this Dick/Pussy”. Both parties have the right to see/date/talk to/Marry anyone they want to while apart of this agreement. For all you people who aren't business minded (myself included) the simple term for this package is F.W.B. or Friends with Benefits

The Oral Add On: If you choose this add on both of you reserve the right to ask for and receive head at any time regardless of if you “like doing it” or not.

*The Freak Clause: If it’s revealed at any time during any package that He is a Down Low homosexual or she is into things nastier than the occasional girl on girl experimentation, i.e. filmed gangbangs and golden showers, the contract becomes void. …unless of course you’re into that sort of thing, in which case your contract just got a whole lot more interesting.

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