The Future Isn't What It Used To Be...

     So... I'm 25 26 right... well at the time of writing this sure. Now when we are growing up we all have dreams and aspirations of things we would like to possess or achieved by a certain age. So being the person I am I like lists... Sometimes anyway. With that being said I shall now list a few of the things that I think I thought I would have achieved at this point in my life. Let the game begin.

Have A Relationship

     For the past couple of years or so I've opted to avoid relationships on a whole because being the person that I am [Introverted and all] I preferred to be by myself. Life was just... easier that way. However, growing a bit older [still Introverted and all, just not as much] I find myself wanting to be in a relationship. However seeing as my experience in this department is sorely lacking, this may prove to be harder than I expected. It will be a challenge but hopefully this can be achieved in a certain time frame. 

Have A Stable Career

      Where I currently work is "okay" but its not all right if you know what I mean. Let me explain because, well, I'm nice like that. Ok so yes I am working and sure I get paid [whew], however this money can't do much for me in a crisis. For example if I'm wearing a shoe and it gives up the ghost on me today, yes I could go buy another pair but that one purchase would put me out for a good week or so. See what I'm saying? Also for the sake of my pride[what's left of it] I shall forgo telling you how much I currently earn because...well, it's THAT bad. On top of that it is nearly impossible for me to save literally anything nowadays... [Misses old job]. With that in mind I need a new job or need to get started on my career. Can you say entrepreneur??

Own A Car

     Every up and coming male has always had their dream car, I am no exception. My whip game however is in no way proper, it is in all actuality the opposite and horribly lacking. I've always fantasized about the multitude of cars I'd want to have. This still has not changed but the means to acquire these vehicles have not yet presented themselves. The means I speak of mainly consist of a Career to support it all actually. With cars come responsibility and where I am right now I don't have the money to be responsible for a vehicle much less to purchase one. So it is that this dream has been shelved for the foreseeable future sadly.

Own House

     No one at a certain age should want to be living in the house they grew up in. You should be attempting to procure a dwelling place of your own or if not that far ahead you should most likely be planning to purchase a piece of land on which you plan to put said house on in the future. This has so far not even started in my life as yet sadly. It's on the runway but has begun to even move to achieve lift off. 

Beginnings Of A Family

     Now this entry is sort of tied in to everything else above. I have to have a stable relationship to be able to even think about building a family with someone. I have to have a stable career to even begin to take care of a family. A house to keep them sheltered and secure and of course the car for getting from point A to point B efficiently. Real question is how do I change my future and put it on the track I want it to be on? Once I figure this out the biggest hurdle would have been cleared.


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