Well Dressed Beggars...

     I have a small....annoyance. Way too often I'm seeing people come up to me and begging money. Now hold on a second let me finish before you come ready to kill me for lack of compassion. These people come up to you dressed to the nines in some of the best clothes sometimes. Usually better dressed than me, yet they are begging???? I just don't get it.

     Let me again say I am not referring to those people who really cant do better I'm talking about those who make it their day job to beg when they could more or less do better than that. Now I get up and go to work for the whole day and at the end of it all I get a small compensation which I shall refer to as "Pay". Good, now on the other side of the spectrum we see this dude dressed to impress (or whatever you young people say nowadays) and he walks up to me and as if we are holding some secret cult meeting he says in a voice that makes you have to have some super clean ears to hear "Beg you a money nuh". Now you tell me, why should I who work how much hours for this "Pay" take my "pay" and "pay" you for begging me money when you clearly look like you should be in some sort of music video or something. It just nah go rerk.

This been a very short post -__-

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  1. SO true about the begging worst when them look like capable people that can go hustle


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