"ValentiMes" Day

So another valentimes (Single Awareness Day) day came and went without fail. You may be wondering why I spelt it "ValentiMes". Well thats simply to bring forward the fact that some people don't know what love is at any other point throughout the year except for this day. That and its how I used to say it when I was younger :) anywho that's not really the point of the whole matter so let's get down to the nitty gritty of it (I always wanted to say that :D )

Many wallets were emptied by men to purchase many variations of chocolates and teddy bears for their "special someone" and many a woman has to be in bed today due to be the overuse of their babymaker programming. I on the other hand woke up went to work went home jumped on the internet then went to bed. The way I see it that was a day well spent. Now for all of you who celebrate this day, good for you and all but I for one won't be celebrating this day anytime soon. You may ask why and ill tell you by giving you a short history lesson.

February 14th 1492 was the day when a man by the name of PEDRO VALENTINO of SPAIN was caught having sexual intercourse with a child. The christians of Spain caught him red handed and handed him to the authorities. He was sentenced to death. His last words were 'I did this in the name of love'. He also drew the heart symbol <3 if you turn it upside down it looks like an ass/bottom. All the homosexuals announced that this day should be The Day of LOVE and gave PEDRO VALENTINO the title SAINT. since then this day got to be called

A few of you might say youre not celebrating it for that reason or make up some excuse but guess what?? The fact still remains the origins of the day weren't exactly first class standards.
Now you decide what you want to do and don't feel bad if you were alone yesterday!!!
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  2. Yeah. Do some reasearch on it and you will see

  3. Even though the routes of valentines day started a thousands years before due to roman persecution of a priest. You do not have to celebrate and can show your love on any day during the year, just dont confuse history with a load of non sense

  4. I've tried to search for this so called facts but a to no avail...
    Do yuh know where to look?

    1. Well I have no recollection of where I found the info. This post was made some time ago as you may or may not have noticed.


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