Gender Biases?

     Hi, Hello, How you guys doing? So today I'm going to be talking about Gender Biases [as the topic states] However! It is not talking about biases against females. No, not at all, today it will be about Biases targeted at the males. Yes too many times it is believed that females are the only group targeted but I'm here to show you how wrong that thought is.

     So the bias is this; Males are [in most cases] seen as the "Superior" gender in terms of physical strength and emotional stability. It is due to this that we arrive at the following problem. Males are grown to believe that it's against all beliefs, right to show certain feelings to the public eye. The instant they do they are regarded as weak because emotions are a females trait so to speak. These beliefs are bred into us from an early age by the male figures in our lives. With that being said, often times when you see males who are bred in a home in which the majority of occupants are female, he tends to be more open with emotions. However this is not always the case. Many females are also of the notion that males must not show signs of emotion. Thus, they themselves further instil into the mind of the males that it is wrong. Sometimes going as far as to say they wont make it in life being that way.
     When you take away the emotions of these young men, what do you think happens? They often times become the very criminals you face in life on a daily basis. Murderers who kill without even giving it a second thought. All because of biases and shackles placed on us by this thing we live in called society.
     If that wasn't enough, we as males are also apparently expected to be "strong" everyday of our lives. This strength ties in somewhat to mental strength.

     This notion has been prevalent in society for the longest while that females are apparently the only gender that can feel emotional and physical pain. It needs to stop. Males are nothing more and nothing less than human beings just like females. Due to the fact that we are males however we are nurtured into a state where we are led to believe that we aren't allowed to let this show or we will be looked upon as weak or in a worst case scenario feminine.

   Do you know what happens when emotions are kept in check for an extended period of time??? It drives you crazy! Think of a man who does that as a Ticking Time Bomb. Those emotions fuel an inevitable meltdown which will in most cases affect anyone within the immediate vicinity of said person. Generally this is not something someone recovers from easily. So with that being said... let the males populace be free with their emotions. Gives us freedom of expression!

Bye for now...

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