The Difference between being Poor and being Broke

     Hey guys, being the pessimist that I am, I'm willing to bet that a majority of you who have read my posts before are not really missing my views on things. However I am starting my come back in the form of this new post you are currently ingesting ... through your eyes. `Twill be rather short so do go preparing for some long extravagant read, haven't exercised my thinker in a while so deal with it. So lets have a round of applause for me!

     Moving on. Going about your day you may be forced to make decisions based on what you're spending your money on and so forth, right? Right. So since this is the case I believe that a few definitions should be placed on the board. So on to the good stuff.


     We begin with a definition for the word "poor" - lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.

     If we look at this a certain way[squint your eyes and come closer] we realize that what the definition is saying to us, is that someone who is poor has no/insufficient amount of money to make a decent living. This would properly describe only a small fraction of the Jamaican populace.


     Next we have the definition for the word "broke". This will [should] bring the picture being painted into and wider perspective- having completely run out of money.
     Someone who is broke cannot be defined as being poor for the simple fact that they had sufficient money to fulfill their wants and needs. Through incorrect spending however, as well as just a poor level of money management these people have run out of money... They aren't poor however

What Have We Learnt?

     To give an overall definition to this whole [short and quick] post we can simply say the following. "Being Poor is a condition, but being Broke is a Situation."

     With all that now said and done I bid you all farewell with my Broke self

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