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Welcome again one and all to yet another poetry post. You may or may not see an increase in the number of poems posted in a few weeks or months... Who know? Moving on, this is yet another Guest Posted poem by a wonderful person by the name of Deanna. Her writing always leaves you drop jawed or is that just me??? In any case here is the latest one that I have heard from her entitled "Mindfuck". Do enjoy :)

"Mind Fuck"
by: Deanna Corrodus

You think that passion is enough to make you do what you do?
The reality is that you can become frustrated with even the things you love,
And then eventually, it all comes down to whether you can bother with it or not.
Whether its worth it or not or life depending or simply another chapter that has to be closed
Does it have you up late at night when the typical you
Would be doing something other than thinking of that thing or that person?
Does it leak into your daily muse and interrupt your sanity?
Having you question something that you don't even know what exactly it is you're asking?
Do you find yourself so emotionally bound in daydream
That your eyes squint in inquiry or your brows raise in question?
What is this thing that has you so untamed? Could it be the passion?
Or is it just ignorant curiosity that needs an edge to prey on?
The conclusion was always there from the start
It more than likely was the first question you asked yourself and probably never realized
I mean, if you're searching all this time- "could it be love?"
And you have yet to find satiety to your pursuit...
Then yes, it must be, if you have yet to bring forth a "no"

Disregard the frustration because the passion will never ease
And in time a pure heart will dwell in one who's worthy to receive


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  1. Replies
    1. Glad you like it :) She writes wonderful poems! Ill try to get some more of her on her soon. Keep reading :)


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