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     Hello once again to those who stick with my blog, today I have yet another Guest Post for you all. In the previous ones posted there was one thing they all had in common... They were all written by females, today however we have a Poem written by a male in the raw patois Jamaicans know and love. His name is Britton Wright and I assure you, you definitely want to give this a read. To all my non Jamaican readers and followers I apologize in advance for your lack of understanding in this post when it arises. I will try to add the Standard English Translations to this at a later date. Until then enjoy the poem.

Written By: Britton Wright

Ppsssttt…..Sweet girl…..Black Empress. 
Mi nah lie. Yuh tan good.
Mi nah talk bout bankin but yuh mek mi disregard every damn ting.
Yuh capture mi interest an mi respect how yuh step out inna yuh pretty pink dress.
Mi impress cause…Princess yuh soft lips dem red like di tip a mi spliff when mi teck a draw.
Mi neva ago seeee a catty beee weh look betta caaw a you di mold di mek affa.
Car crash an draw brakes when yuh step offa di sidewalk.
A you every man a try hawk an a mek talk fa.
Trus mi daughta yuh have mi heart a race every time mi eye dem lucky enuf fi pree di grace a u pretty face.
Di riddim a mi heart palpitate like Stone Love bassline when yuh a strut pass an a roll yuh waistline.
Mi did haffi drop a line from di top a mine.
Baby girl mi nah waste time. 
Tell di general supn babes. How you one suh fine?
One look inna yuh brown eyes woulda mek a atheist believe in God to how dem angelic an divine. 
Yuh brave eehh? Yuh nuh si say yuh inna di miggle a Half Way Tree?
How yuh mean mi nuh easy b? A yooouuu sieze fi see. 
You a carry three a front like a hungry taxi man a hunt a food.
Dats why disssya souljahhhh did haffi pull yuh oooova.
An moreova mi transfixed pan di clarity a yuh diction.
Yuh a nuh genie but yuh mussi cast a spell pan dis man.
Mi refuse fi mek da chance ya slide cause wi neva know what dis can…(laugh) lead to.
So baby mek mi proceed to fan dung a cabbie cah mi a go uppa Papine too.


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