GUEST POST: My Emotions

     Have you ever felt used? Felt like your presence was not wanted? Felt as if you were nothing more than a last resort or your "friends" plaything? Well if you have this poem is definitely for you. This is just another, written by my friend Twyg entitled "My Emotions" which when you think about it speaks about all the above scenarios I just mentioned. So take a little time out and see if it doesnt speak to you.

My Emotions
Written By: Jodi-Ann Riley

Is it Ok for me to finally scream at the top of my lungs now?
Cry and not care who sees?
I'm tired of keeping all these secrets
I just want to forget the wrong done to me
Forget all the hate and abuse
And let this pain out
I'm tired of being silent just like death itself
But I know it's true
Pain changes people
And brings forth the worst of evils
It kills a face once plastered with a smile
Someone who once loved life's only wish is to die
Let go of the world that never cared to hold on to them.

It hurts when everyone wants to speak to you
Yet you have no one to speak to
When you love
Yet no one loves you back
When friends only use you
And enemies are the ones 
Who speak the truth

I'm the one who smiles the most
I'm the one who makes everyone happy
But behind the me you want me to be
Is the me that's had enough pain and hurt
Who's tired of walking with head held low
Eyes on the dirt
I find it amusing though that y'all think I'm happy
When I just simply try to hide my unspoken pains behind the mask of a smile
Perfected in my bathroom mirror tears spilling from my eyes
I know no one really cares
But here's to the end of this chapter
And with this my suicide I wish you goodbye


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  1. snap snap snap. Pretty good but say no to suicide and have skittles instead. Taste the sweeter side of life.


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