GUEST POST: Elmo's World

     By now you should all be used to the work of my wonderful friend Deanna. I've posted a few of her poems before and they were exquisite. Here we are with yet another wonderfully worded instalment. This one is called "Elmo's World" don't let the title fool you however, there's no kiddie stuff here. Before I go telling the whole poem out to you however I'll let you enjoy it for yourself. I give you, Elmo's World.

Elmos World
Written By: Deanna Corrodus

I don’t think you’re ready for what you think you’re ready for
Because, I adore you in ways that if you knew
your mind would fade into a world of raw and carnal ecstasy
As I get to know you intimately
On a level that doesn't only involve your soul
But the wetness trickling in between your thighs
That's a clear indication that my tongue is all that’s on your mind,
Baby your beauty has awakened a side in me
That is terrifyingly in need
Of the sweet moans of your soul
And the pleasurable screams of your mind.
Everything about you seems to be perfectly aligned
In a way that would make any small boy cry
Cuz’, Your body is fucking amazing;
It’s as if my eyes wanna tear themselves out and dive
Into what’s now the control of all my senses.
The seductive shape of your lips
The beautiful entrapment that is your hips
That pretty pink pussy that makes my tongue wanna flick and hiss..
..yeah like a snake..
..your spine curves up a smooth and sensual canvas that is your back
And dips over to grant me sight of the most voluptuous rack
But listen, I don’t wanna sound like a jerk
It’s far from that -baby you’re like heaven on earth
I can’t help but admire and aspire
To be the one that lies in the space
That is between your needs and your dreams
Not only between the space seen between those buckling knees
As I drive you over the edge
Beautiful memories of you climaxing in my head
It’s you that I wanna get to know
Not only the sweet juices that start to flow
Unto my tongue-my tongue
That is the reason your interested In the first place
Not solely based on what it can do to you physically
But mentally, spiritually and emotionally
My words are what drew you in- my tongue
Only the messenger as to what lies within
So it’s me that you get every time
It’s only a bonus that my persona is what sexually makes you climb
Into a place of bliss
There’s nothing about your day baby that I wanna miss ..out on
Because, like I said
Your smile- the darkness is what it pulls me out from
It’s the state of your heart ..the condition of your mind
As long as your happy- then so am I
So some people might call it sex
But when I take you to Elmo’s world
It's decided to simply call it beauty at its best


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