Beside Myself

     As some of you may already know [if you had read it in a recent post], I have started attending an Open Mic session on Tuesdays. Poetry, Songs that sort of thing. It is due to this that I have started taking up poetry yet again. It is also due to this occurrence that you see so many poems being posted lately. I have met quite a few wonderful people since I've started going and I can also say my mind finally has something "New" to do again. This poem along with another entitled "Heated" were written one after the other. This one may or may not require a bit of thinking on your part to understand. This depends solely on your mental skills however, so have at it and remember comments are more than welcome.

Beside Myself

I'm standing in a room dark and dimly lit
I don't know where I am and don't care I just know that I have to sit
I take a glimpse to my right and strange enough looking right back was me
I look away grab my composure and sat in wonder confusedly
My confusion dissipates I chance a glance to my left
There is another guy who is strangely glowing red
Unfortunately however there was something obscuring his head
I look away yet again searching for other signs of life
Wanting an explanation for what has befallen me this night
I sense no other movement we three are alone
We sit Alone in silence as I notice a strange but familiar sensation has made itself become known
I feel a slight intangible pressure coming from Mr. Red
Wait, was it fuck off I heard is that what he said?
Back over to my right Mr. Me looks neither here nor there
Except for the fact he suddenly began pulling out his hair
I look dead ahead again confused as to what is going on
The pressure builds on the right while on the left I'm still carrying on
"Where the hell am I" I think in a low silent rage
How did I get here why do I feel like I'm in a cage
I try to find a way out but none is forthcoming
And then I think this must be retribution for my shortcomings
I take my seat again and take a quick glance to my right
"Fuck off" I hear I'm sure this time he said it outright
I ease back, look to my left I hear a fuck off there too
I ease back again quite unsure and thinking what the hell is wrong with these two
Somehow the rage level of Mr. Right has been transferred to Mr. left
Slowly but surely I felt it too, this I must confess
Now I'm desperate to leave this room I need to find a way free
In this strange situation I fear what may happen to me
"Sit the fuck down" Mr. Left and Right shout in tandem
"Why the fuck should I listen to you?" I spit right back at them
"Oh you think you are the boss in here?" says Mr. Red
"Yeah I do I" shout furiously that's what I fucking said
He stands with the other me and starts making his way over
While I try to find freedom yet again and give the room a once over
As I feel hands on each shoulder and my fury starts to kick and rear
As if by some sort of magic a door happened to appear
I brush them off and step out...I wake up I'm confused no longer
All this time I was trapped in my own mind 
Beside myself... 
With anger


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