#StoryTime August 9th, 2016

     Two days on straight at work they decided that I was long overdue to be pissed off -_- mi say mi did a go change enuh. Say mi a try calm mi spirit enuh but NOOOOO unuh just love when mi bex -_- So against all my desires I suppose its #StoryTime smh.

     So there i was at work yesterday enuh. Just come off lunch and gone back into the heat and all these things but i was in a decent mood to say the least. Anyway this wanna be DJ name Domar or Likkle 20 whatever the hell that supposed to me come a ask me "Who a serve staff lunch". Now before mi address the lil shit lemme say this. Im one of the few people who take the time to answer these questions when they ask it and them well and know it to. As I was saying him ask the question and me in my good calm nice not upset mood answer the lil faggot and I said "Im not sure" and continued serving because someone WAS in fact serving the staff lunch but i didnt recall who it was.

     This waste of human flesh, this corruption on the gene pool has the audcaity! The nerve to come and say I have no manners. How we over in the food court ever a disrespect "man" and "mussi feel say man a beg unuh nutten". You see if there were no customers in there at the moment I woulda tell him bout him claat but I refrained. -_- Him perplex mi enuh Look how mi answer the likkle half breed nice and simple and worse part him never have no manners YET when him come over deh enuh. Rest a di day mi just cross. 

     BUT wait! Theres more! Today now mi deh pah mi lunch (Seems like its an on going theme for these little ingrates) Im sitting all by lonesome at a table enjoying the lil bikkle in peace and tranquil silence with the tv and the mild chatter being the only exception. When all of a sudden three little pigs decided to enter the wolf den -_- Mi take notice of them and carried on enjoying my peace. All of a sudden mi feel smaddy a kick mi pah mi foot <.< Mi ignore it. Out a di corna a mi yeye mi pree this chick a look pah mi so mi look back cah mi nuh fraid. She look up inna mi daylight and a tell mi say mi fi move my foot cause she want to stretch hers out -_-... 

     Ok stick multiple pins! I was the sole resident at that table and she decided to come sit in the same vicinity as me! I was quite comfortable by my damn self! damn gyal a come draw mi out bout SHE want to stretch out her fucking feet.. Bitch what? Mi ignore her and carry on watching the television. Mi feel she a try push whe mi damn foot dem again. Mi look pan her again "Brady move you foot nuh!" Now seriously, anybody who knows anything about me KNOWS my temper nuh normal. I flip on a moments notice! This damn gyal really a come try mek me lose my comfort for her benefit. Strike 2! Now mi ignore it again enuh. Bwoy did I ignore the one of the other 2 pigs really come a talk bout mi really need fi move my foot fi mek she bloodclaat comfortable -_- I lost it then enuh. 

     Mi just tek up mi friggin chair and fling it over to the wall back a mi and move go somewhere else cause If I did not the the things i woulda tell her bout the 7th layer of hell which resides up under him muma she would not believe seh is me. Dem woulda haffi fire me same time. Mi nuh like when people piss mi off fi foolishness. But This gyal will come to me down the food court asking for this and that enuh. But all I have to say is #BitchWhere!!!! Come true you bloodclaat luck. Im not the person you want to stop with. All now mi still a screw and a from 3:30 thereabouts she come pass her place. Mi slowly a blacklist the whole a unuh claat so continue try mi rass patience you hear! CONTINUE! Lock Chat.


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