#StoryTime June 2nd 2016

So you know I had a story to tell you all but I cant remember it.... Its a pity!!! In other news mi have aneda story fi talk (it nuh that interesting but #StoryTime) XD. So boom scenario zeen. Mi go a rerk and mi phone battery NOICE (only deh bout 83% but a basically 100 right?) Anywho, mi deh rerk and battery full, so mi go so boom sign in I phone and lock it off but mi usually lef it on anyway without problem. So go so now boom lunch time (obviously some time passed between time of signing in and lunch time, Keep up) when I turn on and pree I phone it a tell me seh a only 23% lef pan di battery.... Mi confused ya now enuh. So you know seh mi lock it off right? Anyway g'womin time ("go homing" Keep up!) and mi lock on phone again, it seh 22% zeen so mi seh alright mi ago buss a badman text (mi did a go text a friend of mine) when mi go so boom and send message, to this DAY the message nuh send, so mi go so boom call number/ As the phone start fi kiss mi ears mi hear the samsung lock off sound. Dem time ya mi confused enuh cause mi battery Obvioucly a wabble! So mi pull out and put back the battery cause that usually use to work pan some a mi other phone dem, not a claat battery a tell i 0%. So mi lock it off. Anywho mi seh mi ago gwome ya now cause mi cant go link le female so mi go so boom ATM cause money spose to send.... NO MONEY!!! Hi bex! mark you a just bout 5:30 dem time ya enuh. So hennyway mi go so boom Barber cause mi face did look kinda rugged. Boom face clean up ya now and go so again ATM! NO MONEY! Who bex like me??? bout 6 30 ya now enuh. So mi go so boom walk go uptown cause im fancy like that and seh ATM! Long rass line! BEX BUCK! So mi deh wait and wait and wait. Finally ATM! MONEY REACH!!!! Who glad like me!. Then I bout some bickle and came home and typed this while eating. The end :)


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