#StoryTime June 4th, 2016

     #storytime So mi have wha early shift today zeen and mi decide boom mi ago touch the bank go make a deposit before MI go work yeah. So boom go a bank place empty no line. Just the way I like it. Head to the atm to make the drop cause you know we keep it fancy. Touch couple buttons cause I'm a straight g and the machine tell me to put in the money. Count it up and check it and all these things and then it shub out back the money give me. So I put on my confused face. Now usually when something goes wrong the machine push out a printout saying what the error is. No dice. So me try again. Same scenario. Try one more time and MI get livid. 

     So MI mek a likkle side step crab style to the other machine because this one obviously broken. Beep Beep boop MI touch couple button again. Cause like I said, straight g! Damn machine come cuss bad word bout this function is not available at this time so apparently them a play good cop bad cop. So me decide say alright later MI roll through and deal wid it wicked. Zeen. Go through the day and all that jazz. Work done now. Step out ready fi go make the drop again. See one car park up and the guardsman truck. So MI say cool short waiting time. 30 minutes later (SpongeBob narrator voice) the damn claffy dem whe did inside still deh in deh a do god knows what! Now if u nuh know me then u nuh know say more while MI impatient and MI have a short fuse. The thing is this enuh. The bank have this feature where it's 24/7 so obviously there's a section you can go at all hours of the day to do your deeds. So they leave a thing where you run you hand over a thing to unlock the door. But once you're inside and you stand in front of a sensor the door won't open for anyone else because security. 

     Anyways go back half an hour and I rope een see the people but decide to try my luck cause from where I was it didn't seem that they were in front of said sensor. No dice. But di dirty girl whe did in deh well and see me enuh she and the two John crow whe did in deh wid her. Now one of the reasons why this poss me off is as I said a two machine Inna di place and the little shots were using one! When one a dem done the next one go. There's Two machines! If them nah use it move unno claat mek me use it! Half hour me a wait and them in deh a tek time like a funeral procession dem deh pan! And the dutty. Rawse them in deh a giggle like say a dem one wha use the damn atm! You know how me bringle! Tssssk. So MI just walk off. And a when MI walk off the little shit them decide say them done. The eye MI give them woulda mek the devil sweat a swear! Fast forward bout 10 minutes and MI buck up Inna a bredrin whe MI did owe a food. MI end up pay him that still so it sorta work out but MI still cross cause MI coulda draw the money off a next card at a next atm give him if anything. Tssssk. The end

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