#StoryTime December 23rd, 2016 || Out Yo Damn Mind!

     Star Date 4100AD on the 23rd day of the 12th Month many centuries after the year of which we do not speak (2016 for you history lovers) Journal entry #MM525600. My name is Brady Brown and to this day I still do not know who the fuck these people take me for.
     So back to the present. I seriously am at a loss to what it is I have done to deserve all the shit im taking at work but I have had it up to here with it. Usually I dont say where it is im at but right now I am at the point where I say fuck it. So I work at MegaMart: Best Value By Far (Im oozing sarcasm right now for you people who dont really get this shit).  Anyways onto the story.
     So I went to work today in my wonderful mood right. Went through most of the day with my mood intact. Everything was peachy. Then the bitch come call mi name. So basically they are having some sort of staff party or whatever the hell they wanna call it tomorrow. All nice and dandy. However these assholes come mek up menu and a talk bout Coleslaw ago deh pan it.... Coleslaw.....COLE...SLAW...ago deh pan di menu... So anyway one a di chef dem ask who is going to make this...dish. Dutty gyal a come call MY name saying Brady ago mek it. I snicker out loud cause I had no intentions of making it. Then she come and has the nerve to speak to me... "You making the coleslaw Brady?" Of course I reply with a big fat "No" and continue on with my business. Because it had already been made crystal clear that I was not allowed to make this shit anymore right??? Come on people keep up >> Previous Story << 

     Whole kitchen start laugh after this... thing cause dem know the whole story to zeen. Bitch now feel embarrassed and all these thing so she come a try save face and talk bout it was not a question. It was a command...excuse the fuck out of me but last time I checked slavery abolished long time ago. If you want someone to command go command you pickney and hop offa mi claat! ANYWAY!! I ignored this shit stain and went about my business as usual. Went on lunch feeling slightly irritated and this personification of cancer. Had lunch sat down talked yadda yadda. Lunch time done now. Go back downstairs and this supervisor called me into the office. Now pause for a second ok. Yesterday this same supervisor asked me what was going on with me cause obviously my face was not co-operating and everyone could see it. So I told her about the bitch and what the bitch has been doing to aggravate me and all these things. She said she understood and would talk to it zeen. She WAS the type of person I could go to and tell what I needed and she got shit done. She switched up real quick though so as of today I have blacklisted her. Nuh want a thing to do with her... So she call me in the office come a talk bout I don't know what you and "Assters" [Name changed for confidentiality] have but you cant stay in the food court with it... You hear mi JUST tell unuh say mi tell her the whole story yesterday right??? She a gwaan like she doesn't know the fucking problem!!! Da fuck dude! Anyways due to how the convo went I KNOW is shit stain go to her yeah? So she got to the point saying that staff party a keep and coleslaw on the menu and them need it right. So she ask me if I can do it. I said I don't WANT to do it... She ask me if I dont want to or if im not going to... I. DONT. WANT. TO! She stop and think for a second then (Listen to this fuckery) she says "Ok Im TELLING you that youre going to do it end of story". Now somewhere in here I commented that in essence I have no choice in the matter and friend of the bitch said yes I don't. So what I am getting to understand is that its a Dictatorship they have going on over at MegaMart because apparently if you are given a directive regardless of whether or not you want to do it or not you either do it or get the fuck out. That being said you know in all honesty I'm considering just grabbing what shit I have there and just walk out lef the little ingrates though. How can you as a supervisor come and tell me that I have no choice in a matter that concerns myself? I have no choice??? Miss me with that bullshit yeah! I made a choice to make that shit but did I make it properly? No I did not. Bitch I Made a choice to make it poorly. Did I choose to stay and make it rather than go home that instant. Damn straight I did. Ive walked off a job before for less so dont get your stank draws in a bunch about some shit that I decided on yeah? I don't HAVE to be there. If thats not enough 90% of the food court customer have told me that they come back because of ME! The prices are shit and they only buy most of the times because I am there and give them damn good service. If I leave sure they may come back but some of them will stop eventually and I can guarantee that shit! Talking bout I either make it or leave. Fuck all a you! When Im ready to leave best believe I WILL! So either fire me and get it over with or shut the fuck up and let me do me. Done with unnu bullshit now. Dutty Assters and Fakeo [Again names changed for confidentiality] Peace bitches. 


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