#StoryTime November 29th, 2016

     So short #StoryTime cause we all love story time. ...so was at work had a pretty good day nobody step to me too hard no buttons pushed so basically it was a good day... until the fire nation attacked. .. lol nah but for real. So anyway shift about to end right right right? So I head to the storeroon to get some stuff to restock you know regular day type stuff. I return to the food court in my typical fashion nothing out of the ordinary... manager walks in behind me...witu this look on h9m face like I did something wrong zeen then him come a talk bout "brady I want you to act the same way without supervision just as when you under supervision" so mi ask him wha him mean by that cause mi nuh know wha di hell him a talk bout this man walk off and nuh answer mi! I'm like really nigga??? You come step to me like that and give no context? And when I ask you to clarify you step off? Like say just cause youre one of the managers youve arrived? Hell no son! But being the person that I am and he apparently doesnt know who I am... I am going to ensure that he actually has a reason to come t9 me like that again. And until he cones woth a valod reason within context I shalp cont8nue tobgive him a reason. Unuh fi learn how fi confront people! Damn prime! Tssk. Spoil mi day from that point man. Just as bad people a clock out smh. Anyway I decided to take the foot mobile home today right so there I was walking when I reach a turn off. BOOM! 2 car lick up. Man jump out a car long time a gwaan like him nuh believe wha just happen. Guy jump out and a ask a whe di man come from. Now in his defense the time did dark still but the other person did have on them light so him nuh have no defense there. Anyway guy come a say a the other guy wrong when a him wrong mi haffi laugh and tell him seh a him wrong cause the other guy had the bright of way in that instant. Man start walk round a talk bout a di other man wrong and him nuh know where him come from. Mi just laugh and walk off. The end


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