#StoryTime June 13th, 2016

#StoryTime Being overly blessed with my fair share of impatience and anger issues this post is brought to you by Digicel. So there I was...and then there I wasnt.

Anyway Ive made a few posts with regards to digicel's internet speeds (Not even ago capitalize dem name cause mi a hothead) over the last two days zeen and them reply to the first post then it all went down in my dms. Anyway them ask a one or two question with what i would imagine is pertinent information to resolving my problem. I reply wqith a swiftness FLASH WHO?! Them reply and then; there I was... then there they werent. Im like Bruh? Where the help at? So i make another post cause like i said in the last status update before this, im a sick piece of human flesh. They jump down in my dms again and the same thing happen. So im like whut? So then its like some scarface shit "You come to me in your time of need asking me for a favour..." Not really but yeah. I post up a Haiku (google it) and i tag them cause again im fancy. and then they jump down in my dms... AGAIN! asking me questions... THEN!! (Heres the kicker) they hop on the post I made and tell me to move my correspondences to my dm... BRUH... WHUUUUT!!!! I bees in my dms cause you know I gots ta internet! So i reply with an okay cause im a smooth sir. im smoother than the lyrics your pops used to snag your moms son. (Why mi sound so white?) anyway there I am waiting for them to send me some sort of reply.... .Not a ting!

 And they have the nerve... the AU-DA-CI-TY!! To tell me to not loud up mi mouth (paraphrasing) on teh internet! I have lost the ability to Can... I Cant with Digicel. I cawnt!!!

The End..... For Now... Yes mi dutty mi know but mi wha mi internet fi function correctly

Fun fact. The second i was going to click the Post button A wild message appeared! Will Update!!! :D


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