#StoryTime August 28th, 2016

Actual Photo of me Losing my calm...

     #Storytime So apparently people have to decided to make it a hobby of trying to piss me off -___- why is this? I dont know. So anyway let us begin at the beginning... Yesterday. So even though I said I wouldnt bother with this ive changed my mind... im going to bother.

     So anyway mi wake up yessiday everything proper for the most part zeen. Go work feel nice, nuh bex wid a soul. So the day progresses blah blah blah lunch time roll around. Now I honestly cant recall whether or not I had lunch already but for now that is beside the point. Anyway we have two shifts yeah morning and evening shifts. I was on morning shift (now that I think about it yes I already had my lunch thusly my reaction could have been worse, see below for details) Anyway evening shift had just departed for lunch yeah? This man which you could safely compare to a cumshot that should have been swallowed comes up to cash. He does this his ticket is placed down behind the customers who cashed before him.
     Now it was two of us on shift as is generally how the morning shift is set up. One taking care of serving staff and one serving outside customers (I got this wonderful job today... do you taste my sarcasm?) Anyways the misplaced cumshot began his tirade talking about how we ignoring him and whatnot. Please remember that other customers are before this ingrate. Yes? So I (being the one serving the customers) continued to "ignore the bastard" and continue serving. So push come to shove and mi reach the jackass ticket but just to be an ass mi ask him what him number be (but in the nicest way possible at the time). Donkey son come talk bout see it ova desso (reffering to my copy of the ticket that was laying lonely on the counter. Mi pick it up and start serve the rice put in the box..... This poor excuse for a man open him mouth yet again! (Who tell him fi do dat?) Come a class big man (Yes thats me) As dog, johncrow? Calling me a fucker? Cussing bombo AND bloodclaat in my direction! (Stick a pin) Now most of you may or may not know but I was born with a short fuse so I have anger issues, I KNOW this (matter of fact if you know where i can take anger management classes please private message me) but since i began working my fuse his grown infinitely shorter.

     So once this piece of shit started again my blood hit boiling point faster his mother opened her legs to recieve his cursed dna. So mi start pree this likkle shit with a stare that would make the devil hide in a corner, the asshole had the nerve! THE AU.DA.CI.TY! to turn to his friend and talkbout how "The bloodclaat fucker nuh have nothing bout them! You a talk to dem and them a bloodclaat ignore you!" (Those were his words I cant make this shit up) "Them nuh have no manners" So my hand started to have an attitude and have no manners immediately. Try as I might my hand decided it was to fling the food into the box while my face had a transformation and I apprently grew a resting bitch face. cause my face was not playing around! You wha know say this jackass come talk bout him nuh want the food again? You know who fling down food, fling down ticket and move on to the next customer (A smile immediately surfaced!) But my blood pressure continued to rise. Wouldnt you know it that this dumbass after realizing mi done wid him walk go over to the cashier and a talk bout say mi nah serve him . This dumb bitch JUST tell mi say him a go refund the flippin food enuh! now him a say mi a ignore him. Then him a go talk bout him nah come back deh! I was like Bitch I will show you the door! I walk round the back and start spit some verbal diarrhea bout him you see and mi mek sure seh the lil bitch could hear what I was saying to. Nuh rass manners! Just because im in customer service nuh mean you can tek step wid me! LEARN THIS! Fi mi head hot LANG time!

ONE DAY LATER! (Thats today for you slow ones)

     So mi go work again today enuh and as mi step in so the cashier and some a mi other coworkers come remind me bout the lil faggot from the day before. Anyways today was a good day up until mi go pah mi lunch . Now lunch was awesome. Sure nuff! BUT about half hour in when food a try settle and digest, mi a hold a reason with me coworker dem this dutty crosses manager come up and a call bad people!

     So mi go over fi hear wha him coulda possibly want with the great me. Only fi hear the johncrow a come ask me If one a di chef dem never ask mi fi wash a rice cooker zeen. So mi say yeah him ask me and mi wash it. "Did you wash it same time" Mi say no, mi did busy.... "Listen me nuh man, mi nuh wha hear say rtice done again!" Wait... what??? Hold the phone! Mi never hear you right! How is it that me not washing the cooker stop rice from make? The damn place did busy! Ticket line the counter like wallpaper line wall! And a just a few a we deh work on sundays! So mi tell the ole crosses say mi did busy "So how long it take fi wash the rice cooker" Mi tell him say it nuh tek long but MI. DID. BUSY! Mi never ha time fi wash it! So ahmm (reach him a reach now enuh) why the cook couldnt wash it?" 0.O da man ya serious though? "i nuh know sir" and mi just activate the resting bitch face I grew yesterday" Man say ok and walk off. Now a few things to take away from this. 1) He was just coming from the kitchen where he could have asked the cook why him couldnt wash the cooker. 2) Him come upstairs come interrupt my lunch for foolishness and 3) Find out say a cause him couldnt get fi him lunch/(dinner?) when him want it him vex cause rice done. Interesting facts about that one manager (we have 3 by the way) all he does is 1)Watch people 2) Chat pan phone 3)Eat 4)Sit on his lazy ass and do nothing (Not necesarrily in that order but you get the picture) And the only time he comes over to the food court is when theres a problem! Other than that him missing!

     This bitch was on leave for two weeks! 2 WEEKS enuh! And the day him come back him piss me off! Why WHY!!!!!! SMH!!! And him all a tell me say mi fi mek sure rice nuh done again!? You wha know say mi go cook one big pot a rice put down! (Fun fact) We ended up not using that rice so you know say dat get fling whe?) A want a soul come ask mi why mi mek dat pot a rice! A send dem str8 up under dem hmmm hmmm!!!!!! Streups! Good day people and Good night!


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