#StoryTime June 18th, 2016

     Yes! Mi reach home!... #Storytime. So today is multiple stories put together as one. Mi go work zeen late shift to enuh. Mi go pah lunch then come back. Then a gwomin time. So now me Gudaz Nisha Wint, Natalee Christian Legendarii Gyol Jojo and one more little miss a put foot to ground and and mek a step cause miss Jodi a pic up a shirt fi complete her fit fi a party tomorrow. Hennyway we step true and Jodi a nyam a manga which she tek from such b who mi naver put a name to and she start talk bout how she nuh know if she a eat worm cause a night. We start laugh to claat. DWL. Go pick up shirt now and as we a lef the place mi start beat the Twerk It Remix pan I phone enuh. Di one wid kartel pan it, and you wha see di gyal jodi a try gwaan like miss rubber waist whe wireless like wifi.
Twerk It Remix

     But fret not if unuh never deh deh fi seet. MI have video a it . So we step out and as we reach down stairs wha smell box wi. It box mi so hard mi did a say supm and the word couldnt escape it choke mi! A nearly dead. But hold on back up couple minutes deh!! Da part ya cyaa miss!! We deh cross the road at the hospital side zeen cause a da side deh we walk down on. Reach the pedestrian crossing enuh. And we start step cross like we own it. Car dem to wi right done draw brakes already enuh. Then mi see Jodi and Natalee I think start sprint like dem deh relay cause dem say dem ago get lick down LOL. Me wid my boss self just step lightly through without a care in the world. Cause for one mi inna di right so if mi get lick down a likkle money dat mi a go get and two if mi get lick down the hospital deh right desso . Win win the way I see it.

     So any way fast forward to after the smell box wi zeen. Wi a walk a head uptwon now and Gudaz come say supm bout curse and not 1 second afta dat the one Jodi mussi buck her toe and nearly skin over. Mi swear a obeah Gudaz put pan her! So anyways now we reach uptown right and we a pass police station a cut go round and I shit you not people I saw a woman shaped like a circle! I mean a literal circle! And she inna one a dem rompers sittn deh! A so it call by di way? Romper? Yeah dat deh. You wha see mi a try stifle the laugh. Cause it honestly never look good at all at all at all! (More on that later -evil laugh-) So yeah we headed down to skate land cause apprently dem (The four lady people mi did a walk wid) did wha look pah people. (I nuh understand woman at all smh) so wi tan up fi bout 15 minute? Half Hour? Idk. Just a look pah people. Poor mi. So wi cut from desso now and go up a omg (Devon house up willowgate) Yeah and wi in deh couple minutes and as we bout fi go step out nuh natalee dat a try use up all the air inna di air conditioner a di door. LOL twas rather interesting.

     So we go outside more things occured whe nuh really relevant. Wi talk wi chat. Jodi go buy thoup (yes mi just type wid lisp tongue do supm nuh) Den wi all decide fi go wi merry way. Yeah? Cool so mi now mi head back down to Skateland side and cut a corner fi go chicken palace cause m'ungry so mi go buy likkle chips ( a muss ketch mi dem put in deh cause mi lub di chips bad) anyway mi buy mi chips and mi head upstairs. Remember the round lady? Yeah so as I was walking up the stairsw mi hear this strange sound like wha woman a bawl fi murder or supm (Note no women were harmed in the making of those sounds) As I continued up and breached the apex I happened upon a woman laughing literally a dead wid laugh (not literally but yeah) So when mi step out and look pah wha she a look pan nuh round woman she a laugh after! Cause aparrently she nuh have no control over her laughter like the great me does. I honestly wanted to join her in mutual laughter but mi did inna mi rerk clothes. Likkle most she would a come report mi for indecent laughter LMAO! So after dat mi just go hold a taxi and bun some wifi offa KFC (KFC Unno a di real mvp!) Dida come buy some food but mi did have the lil chips already so a next time still. And then I went home. Now quite a bit was left out of my story for your sanity as well as mine cause mi nuh wha mad nobody tonight or whenever unno read this. If unno read so far then unno a di boss! :D Anyways.... #TheEnd #PartyDone


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