#StoryTime September 1st, 2016

     So #Storytime yeah? So this all happened one day this week.... yesterday to be precise. So there I was as usual at work doing awesome things yeah? Breakfast done ready and everything set up fi the morning bellies.
     Manager whe mi despise (See previous story) come over to the food court bout 3 separate times for some reason. Anyway him lef and go back round a front end zeen this crackhead who just lef ova ya, ago tek up phone fi call BACk ova ya fi tell ME say ME mus make a breakfast and carry come give him... Him touch inna di head nuh trrue??? SMH mi share the bickle enuh but mi mek sure a smaddy else carry dat cause him wouldna get it if a did me one! Anyway moving on enuh, the people dem start come in so we start serve the bickle give dem and such the one dem who done already put down them trays and the clean tray dem finish zeen so mi go so BOOm tell cashier say mi a go clean the tray dem. You wha know SAY this fassy call back over deh again and a ask Where the servcer dem deh -_- as if we over deh a twiddle we thumbs like idiot a mean a one customer deh over deh at the time and customer a get serve so wha the big damn deal ya get me?? Anyway mi done bex from sunday enuh so mi nuh wha hear a word from this .,.....thing. Anyway continue doing awesome things and the lunch hour approaches, the evening shift has arrived so im around the back washing up and shit yeah. All of a sudden mi hear mi supervisor a tell me say this wanna be badman manager a call fi tell ME say him want ME fi serve a lunch and carry come! It coming like this man tek me fi him gyal? Mek him nuh call him mumma fi serve him food wha mi look like! SMFH! Mi just tek whe miself and continue doing awesome things cause him a tek this too far! Him mussi fell like him entitled -_- mi is bnot a bredda you wha push too far, yeah? Learn this! BYE! :D #TheEnd


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