#StoryTime August 24th, 2016

     So yeah. You know what time it is??? #StoryTime smh. Anyway I woke up in a new Bugatti... wait no a nuh me dat a rick ross wrong story sorry. So I woke up like a bawse did some stuff... & things(I purge the walls around my bed of mosquitos!!     Its was a horrifying yet pleasing experience (pop pop pop....). Then went to work. Reach and see all my minions doing their minionly duties so lifes good yeah? Yeah so check it boom mi a mek some coleslaw fi have wid mi lunch zeen (cause you know real niggas eat coleslaw!! Am I right Tori? or am I Right?) So there I was being the awesome human person I am when all a sudden a random call comes to me on le work phone saying The great me wont be getting paid for the past two weeks....... Hold the PHONE! Caller say what now? 

     Now lemme break it down for you ma people. Down backra where I work zeen there are two systems that are used to scan in and out yeah? Plus we have a manual system as well yeah? Cool now one of these systems was supposed to be removed from service as it had done its time (salutes) when ever you scan with this it takes forever for the thing to read your scan and then show you the scan data yeah? Now the newer system (Kronos) works like a charm most times you swipe your magnetic card it diosplays your info, you scan your finger and boom instant gratification (Illuminati confirmed!)So you know who just used the fully function ing one right? (points to self) This rigga hurr! (As well as a multitude of other staff members. Anywhos. Back to my caller -hello line one yes caller, line one hello youre on the air- Yes brady the Kronos system is down and because you havent been scanning in using the redundant system we have no scan data to show you were at work for the past 2 weeks thusly you will not be recieving any pay for the oast 2 weeks..... Me:" ....... ........ ........ ......... Eh?" Caller: "Yes just letting you know ... *click*"

     Me: *BRINGLE*

So heres the things now people for well over 3 months now I have not been using this system enuh zeen and I have been collecting my pay and them people ya who do the payroll haffi know seh me never did a use itwhy? Cause mi scan data must never did a show up in that redundant system which them still a check. Was anything said to the great brady?? NO! Kronos stopped working for who knows how long did anyone move to let us know the bloody thing wasnt working? NO!!!!! When do they choose to tell me I have no scan data? THE DAY BEFORE PAY SPOSE TO COME! Wh.. what!!!! WHO DOES THAT! Then a come tell ME! Brady A. Brown! Seh ME nah get no pay for the last two weeks????? WHUT!!!!!!! I go to my supervisor and said in very clear and concise terms that If I never get my money I would be absent for the following two weeks enuh! <.< cause them people a payroll damn bright! We have manual sign in sheets them can use to verify all that hooplah!My day was going perfectly up until me get da call deh enuh! Couldnt even finish mi lunch to how mi bringle! However small ray of light. When It was go homing time (yes go homing) I was screechieing past the office when mi pree pan di computer seh they were going to email the manual scan data to the people dem so mi just hurry up and move them outta the way and finish type it cause the people dem type slow you know dem way deh and mi did want it hurry up and done. So look how the whole palce a fight gainst me now zeen. Smaddytouch a button and close the email, it was however saved in drafts after the most recent entry so alls good right? WRONG! Go fi reopen the draft fi finish type!Would the damn thing open? NO! so mi go check one other draft... that one open. So mi seh all right must be a bug. So mi go BACk to the one in question... all the information gone!!!! WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!  So mi go back and forth between the two fi see if a some display issue! Nothing nada zilch! So refresh the whole page and the damn thing come back so mi go so boom copy the whole thing quick open a new email document finish the email and send it off. Step out like a boss a cut. So mi have a d ay off tomorrow (Thursday) Nah go bank tomorrow enuh. Mi a gi dem a whole day fi fix it! And mi a go work friday pah late shift so that a even more time. Mek mi dollaz nuh deh whe dem fi deh! Who ago cross like me? Not even Bounty! #Cross.


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