#StoryTime August 16th, 2016

     Ladies and Gentlemen Boy and Girls, people of all ages, gather round for ya boy has a story to tell. Its #StoryTime.
     So there I was right woke up did awesome things as per usual right. So after doing awesome things I got ready and went to work where I did more awesome things. Thing is today was one of those days where we were just short staffed -Whoosah inner nigga whoosah!- So anyway early part of the day was aight cool but then lunch time appeared and the morning shift from my department departed. And all hell broke loose... so to speak. So morning shift left and almost immediately a bag a people flood di place im like ... WHUT?! There were tickets reaching from one end of the counter to the other and it was almost like clockwork that as soon as one was cleared off two more would take its place. Almost like the mytrhical creature called the hydra (your homework) 

     So while the onslaught of craven peo... "Customers" was taking place... staff member began to come as well because as I said... Lunch time. Now remember short staff. So one a we start serve staff and the next one manage customers ( A nuff people enuh!) So it started off fairly well zeen the the mutterings started... "Dem tek long fi serve the little food brah"..."a Him/She one a serve???" ~Customer To Staff~ " Excuse me but how come you getting served before me? Didn't I cash before you?" the list goes on... Well excuse the hell out of me! But if unno open unno blasted eyes yall would see that we a bloody shoirt staffed! Shut ya damn mnouths and wait or go refund unnu flippin food! (Come on inner nigga you need to calm down! Calm down son!) -Whoosah!- So anyway I was the one serving the staff....Now remember that lopng line of tickets...It was still there. Keep that in mind. So im serving this one girl now zeen and I ask her what she wants she replies with Fry chicken so im like cool aight. So i walk over like a boss ready to do awesome things... cause im fancy like that and I notice that the fry chicken low, So mi prips round the kitchen and see say none nuh round deh needa zeen!, So mi mek the cooks dem know seh rrr and me step back round the fromt with extremem speed and im checking that long list of tickets i told you about if none was previously cashed . There were. So Im like ayo ma! You cant get fry chicken because they already cashed and shes like " But a fry chicken mi want" Mi explain to catty say yow you CANT! GET! FRY! CHICKEN! CAUSE! IT! ALREADY! CASH! chica look pah mi like a fart mi a chat. MI ask her what she want. She say fry chicken! -_- You know seh mi done bringle already cause mi stress out enuh! A mean the place pack enuh! So mi point to the board and tell her fi go look fi sittn else whe she want and get back to me. You wha know seh she go over deh. Read the board from top to bottom. Come BACK to me! and come tell me say she want fry chicken  If you ever know the sea of words that I had to keep in check at that moment. I just put down her box and tell her fi think bout wha she want and tell me when she ready. I went and served 6 other people before she realize seh mi nah look her way and she tell me say just put anything. So I just fling couple piece a bake chicken (Like a sir) and give her (Like a sir). 

     Anyways moving on. Now this part was funny to me. Team Leader enter the fight right (The fight is serving the ravenous pigs... I mean "Customers") and everything a start fi pick up the tickets started to disappear im like yeah. Now mi a serve a bickle to a staff when All a sudden mi hear one a di wanga g.. "Customers" shout out "Dont you do that!" Mi look round cause mi ready fi see which fight a buss "Dont you dare point at me!" . . . . . . . The fuq? Mi see this ole fart young lady a tell the team leader nuh fi point pan her? A wha do dem?! Mi get fi understand SEH! Team Leader a call the lady number (Lady stand up Right in front a her a hold big big conversation enuh) and she nah answer her so shes like (This is me paraphrasing now enuh) Hello mam (she tries to get her attention) Are you #71 (points finger in her direction, read back up top for what happened next) So apparently because she having this big conversation whe she want everybody round her fi hear she fell like shes "Arrived" Shes the bees knees! Shes all that and a bag of chips! You get the idea. You fi hear how the likkle dutty gy... "Customer" A gwaan So a di other customer dem haffi stand up and really pree her fi see if she a mad, some start laugh. Me being the professional awesome person I am held my laugh like a boss, but mi did haffi gi her a questioning pree though lol. Anyway moving on again! Clean off all the ticket dem now enuh feel nice..... a next crowd appear  

     So anyway serving all these tickets and doing awesome things Cause we fancy and shit. This ONE customer now come a talk bout "Who is serving" You know .. I love when them ask that enuh, it makes me know I can start serving slower and stop kill out miself so a dat me start do. Man ticket JUST put down enuh and him want immediate service! and the people who deh deh before him nah complain so im like cool aight. So mi go so boom serve off the tickets before him and a fi him time. Call him number, ask him wha him want and start serve bickle, turtle style (Slow) now mi ready fi go ask this man which gravy him want. . . jackass make phone call -_- I HATE WHEN CUSTOMER A GET SERVE AND DEM DEH PAN DEM PHONE!!! HATE! IT!!!!!! Mi signal to this likkle shit bout 10 times and him nuh answer SIR! HELLO! HI!!!!!! OI!!!!! -continues talking into phone like mi nuh deh deh- Aight aight BOOM mi go round a back and fling the first gravy mi find inna di box fling vegetable cause obviously mi can do wha mi want with the food fling it in a bag and fling it down in front him. a dat deh time him look pah me and a ask if a fi him food this. Of course imbecile a fi you flippin food! -whoosah brady whoosah- So anyway, after that the day sort of got better. I did awesome things finished up and left work. Then i got annoyed all over again because I had to wait forever for a taxi.... but came home and wrote this aweesome story cause you know #Fancy and shit. The End


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