#StoryTime July 12th, 2016

     So #storytime? Yes. So today was.... interesting? As you may or may not recall. Dem perplex mi yesterday so mi go work today with the mindset that unless it was a customer or absolute necessity I would not speak a word. Yeah

     So go work and the people in my department just a question mi left right and center what gwaan what happen all that jazz. Mi just buss a one look and carry on with life. What I noticed however is that my name was used less today with regards to everyone needing me to do something what anyone else could easily do. This basically what I did all day. Anyways onto slightly more interesting topics. There is this one customer that comes in at times and literally no one wants to deal with him because well. He's an asshole. So anyway I pick up dudes ticket zeen dude come talking bout I NEED to wash my hands before serving his food. Now before you guys say that's obviously what I should do let me say that I had already done that said task before I even see this asshole yeah. Him just a try gwaan like him nice moving on I did indeed wash my hands again because today just wasn't the day I was just not in the mood. So wash mi hands begin to serve this piece a shit and just a try put a foot talking bout my fingers must not go inside the box. Now I want guys to try something for me zeen next time you go out to eat at a food establishment and you get one of those disposable boxes hold it in one hand and notice where your thumb naturally falls. My thumb was not inside the box at all. 

     So you know this bastard just cut a deadly look in him direction and continue serve what mi serving. Him haffi shut up same time. He saw the devil starting to take over and ketch him fraid. As I said today was NOT the day. Ask this fish what him want as in which piece of the chicken zeen. Him a look inna mi face as if a Spanish mi a talk. Come a day him never hear the question. So mi ask same way and he magically heard it the second time. Then start mutter under him breath bout how we take cleanliness for granted and one bag a foolishness. You know who start watch TV ? Yes . Me. Any who mi finish serve the old crack head and wen along with my day.

     Now fast forward to when my shift ended. I was just finished collectieon my things and heading out yeah. Had my bag on my back (heading to the gym) and this young lady come a ask why my bag big so where mi a go? So mi look pan her wid a straight face and say gym zeen. Catty look pan mi like she smell supm awful "an look so?" Talkin bout mi a waste mi money a go deh. Mi kiss me teeth and walkoff. Now catty not even ask how long mi a go deh she a gwaan like she know I. Third day going there so obviously no big change not gonna be apparent. It upset me spirit man.
     Anywho the highlight of my day came at the gym. I was on a machine that focuses on the shoulders and upper back mi basically buss ya now enuh. Then this lady with curves that make the letter s look like it not trying cone tek up a spot in front of me on a bench zeen. Now she put one knee on said bench...bent over. Shook her ass and then started a vertical weight lifting execise. Remember mi did buss enuh! Mi feel a burst of energy you see! I crank out 50 lifts same time at 60lbs resistance. This post a get long though so the other one ago miss unuh. But takeaway from today is basically this. I realize that people love when I act the way I normally do as long as it suit them then them say mi act weird and mi Fi stop act so and one bag a foolishness yeah and then the minute mi start act brand new them get next and say mi Fi go back to how I was. Smh. So tomorrow I'll talk at about 5-10% of what I normally do and a jus bere no mi a fling gi everybody. The end


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