#StoryTime July 11th, 2016

     I swear people dont understand the enigma which is me. I'm quite possibly the most literal spiteful piece of shit you will come across. So there I was today a work cause you know ...get money! So there I was right and a certain person said something I did not quite catch but it never sound so righted zeen so mi question it. But I was told it nuh matter zeen. But being the person I am, I persisted. Same response. So some person all new to do something that literally anybody else could have done but a me person choose Fi call. So mi say alright cool. Mi do it . Then me go back to questioning said person. Next person jump in an say mi Fi stop mi noise so me wid my dirty self decide say alright mi an unuh claat. I just make them know say them not going to hear one more word out of my mouth for the rest of the day. And you know it's as if they believed me to be joking when I say these things. They had the nerve to come try talk to me after the fact. I ignored them like plague. Please don't underestimate ability to act as if you're non existent. I'm so pro at it it's not even funny. Another thing that seems to require clarification. I act the way I do mainly for the sake of those I have to interact with so don't get it twisted. I am one of the darkest persons you will EVER meet. The me you see on a daily basis can be classed as a facade. But that's for your own benefit. The thoughts that go through my mind on a regular basis scare even me. #endRant #Storytime? So how was everyone's day? 😃


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