#StoryTime July 29th, 2016

     #Storytime? So there i was fine tuesday morning... Went to work like usual and then random sensation occured, felt drained. Like the most sucked out bagjuice that there ever was. So mi go buy couple iron and energy pills (I hate pills by the way rarely take the stuff).
Anywho the day progresses and instead of getting better I start feeling worse. I buy some redoxon (Vitamin C and It nuh taste 3 bad) pop a multi syptom and carryon with the day. Lunch time approaches and for some strange reason I dont feel hungry which as most would know is a strange sign coming from me. Yet i push through and share my lunch like the true boss I am. None of my regular dishes appeal to me so I take Beef... because beef. I also drink a cup of soup... because soup. Anyway I start to get progressively worse. So mi go hold a sit down outside in the sun and mi start feel better. Come off lunch head back inside and the sensation startsd to rear its ugly head yet again. Im very not happy. Headache, unstable on my feet, slight nausea, dizzyness plus a myriad of other symptoms i cant remember. So mi go wipe down mi face wid lil cool water and lil alchohol. Still nuh feel better but because It was almost time to go home I just stayed the rest of my time. Anywho go home and just dive off inna mi bed... could i sleep? nope, just bere tossing and turning smh if i got 2 hours of sleep mi good! anyway wednesday come around the symptoms come up even harder couldnt even think about eating. Mi decide fi buss a cup soup and done dat wid prejudice. Couldnt even finish 1/4 of it What Is Life? Go lie down STILL couldnt sleep. Mi get up try stretch mi feet feel like mi ago fall over go back go try sleep. Still no luck, I lay down staring at the wall. This process repeated itself throught the day.

     Thursday morning (Today) I felt better. But not 100 so alright tek a sick day fi fully recover. Felt steadily better throughout the day. So im like aight ya boy getting better. But hold the phone! Friday morning now (Thats today, keep up) I wake up feeling nice! Im operating at about 80% capactiy so im like get ready and go a work. Now remember that 80%. On my way to work my energy slowly started to decrease I left out at 10 and reach 3 minutes after 11 zeen, when I stepped in I felt like I couldnt move another step. I estimated that I was at roughly 50% or less capacity. No bueno. Remember i felt fine when I woke up. Anyway I go put down my things and ready up fi start work. I head upstairs and they have the ac running full blast, mi cyaa manage it so mi turn it down and I feel like im freezing. Turn it off, still feel like im freezing. Go downstairs into the kitchen still freezing (Kitchen well hot enuh) so mi just tek up mi lil self and clock back out and come a mi yaad. This is not life at all. Mi end up abuy fruit juice and one bag a sinting cause mi hate when mi sick , im the worst person when im sick. So now im home and starting to feel better again.


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