#StoryTime August 6th, 2016

     #Storytime. So ya boy got a short story to tell today. Got up did awesome things went to work and did awesome things. Then it was time to go home zeen. So there I was minding my own bidniss cause you know how we do right right right?     So there I was when all of a sudden this dirty non entity of a person who happens to be a co-worker come up to me and some female from my department interrupting our conversation lacking manners and what not "gimme three fork" and expect we Fi jump like a him run things. So me all him why mi Fi go give him the fork them zeen. Dirty hear nuh answer so mi go back to mi convo . The old fart stand up den like him lost him shadow. So mi look pan him and ask him again. Him come a talk bout him have fork a him yard like mi business bout that. When this one piece a crap see say mi nah give him him finally have sense and answer the question and tell me say a customer want them. So mi go over and nicely present the forks enuh and you want to know this rejected piece of shit grab them out of my hand. So I exercised my independence, emancipation and freedom of speech and I strung together a slew of words that would put all the old sailors of the world to shame. Lil asshole nuh know say a Pandora's box him just open. Smh don't even know wha this little boy name enuh. This made me realize something though. My temper is getting worse is getting more and more easy for people to piss me the hell off. And one of these day I'm gonna have to discipline a fool who put a foot too hard.


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