#StoryTime????? The Real Gyallis is Me Obviously....

     Ok guys so my last story time was sometime ago but honestly there hasn't been that much really that has happened to warrant me writing..... that all changed when the fire nation attacked.... Lol just kidding but really... Something DID happen!

     So it was about a week to two weeks ago I was at work. We were in the midst of preparations for the annual stock count right. So there I was in the storeroom with a few co-workers doing some preliminary counting when this one guy comes up the stairs and says "Brady, you fi stop tek whe di people dem woman boss lol" (Paraphrasing... OBVIOUSLY). So I'm like.... what??? I don't even have a woman for myself much less mi ago tek whe a next man woman??? How does that work??? Anyway mi believe a joke di bredda mek until he says that man hold him up in the town with a switchblade asking if is him name Brady. Zeen. So at this point we stick multiple pins because shits crazy... Apparently somebody gave this person MY description claiming I'm the man that has taken his now ex girlfriend and I have her holed up at my yard. LMFAO ME!!! Of all people. Someones having a nasty giggle about this sure enough. 

     The joke passes we moved on and continued with our lives. Couple days later someone else comes to me and gives me roughly the same story. Now in my head this is one joke that is VERY elaborate. Much too elaborate in fact. So the second person tells me that he went to school with this guy and apparently him head nuh too righted. In essence hes a mad man... more or less. I slowly begin to believe. The 4th of February dawned upon us and I was up in bellefield renewing my Food Handlers permit cause you already know... Im fancy like that. Anyway I finish up renewal complete and head to work. I enter my department and im greeted with "Yow parri, wha bredda come look fi you enuh!!!!!" I'm like WHO? "The same bredda yute!!!! The same one who fa woman you tek whe!". You guys reading this shit right now???? This nigga has something out for me about something I literally have no hand in! I'm told he came by, didn't find me and claimed he would return later that day. Suffice to say he never returned. I confronted the female in question that I apparently whisked away and she claims she has no knowledge of the occurrence. My Brady senses tingled... 

     Now I imagined that it was over at this point but Oh no 'twasn't to be so! I was on lunch one day this week [I forget the day exactly at the moment], when one of the security personnel asks me to see her when I was through. I go to see her, she pulls me one side and questions me with regards to the same matter. Was I the person someone was looking for etc etc. I confirm and she tells me that it was alleged the female entity in question was seen walking from work one day holding hand with another co-worker when her ex approached and introduced his fist to this fellows face. I was encouraged to visit the police station and file a report. More on that in a few though. I said I would and went on my way.

     The next day when my shift was near to end I learned a bit more information about this allegation. Apparently, someone else was stopped by this ruffian earlier, just before the fist to face introductions were made. Twas another staff member. Guy approached him asking if the female in question had already left work. My guess is once again... mistaken identity, he thought this staff member was me [He doesn't know how I look exactly just vague description and name.]. This staff member, long and short of it, essentially told him he knew nothing and fuck off... Essentially. 

     Anyway fast forward a touch and I decided to go to the station to make the report because I now fear this shit stain is really out to get me! Head inside that station and I ask the officer on duty where I would make the report. Given the directive I proceed to tell my tale. Upon completion I'm told that I cannot make the report only the persons who were harassed/assaulted had that power. So in essence they are saying that I cannot do anything until something is done to me. That's the Justice system for you.


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