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     So by now quite a bit of you should be wondering... "Why is he posting so many poems lately?" If you weren't then you probably are now. The answer is this: These poems you see me posting are awesome to say the least and I have a thing for poetry. Anyway you've seen her name before and you'll do good to remember it. She previously gave us Mindfuck with a touch of Pleasure. This time around we can only Fantasize about the things she wants to do. I give you "Fantasize" by Deanna Corrodus everybody!

Written By: Deanna Corrodus

Baby I, I fantasize
I fantasize about you
Think about everything that I wanna do
The ways I wanna do it
The places, the time of day
Thoughts of you throughout the night- they play
They skip and they trickle down the back of my neck
And they swing across my shoulders and roll down my breasts
Thoughts of you- they play- hide and seek along the curves of my sides
And they don't get tired until they reach right in between my thighs
Baby I, I fantasize
I not only think about your strengths or your powerful strides
I think about your mind and how deep I can get inside
Not to play games but to admire
The intricacies that define who you are
Everything about you I cant help but desire
The depth in your eyes
The curve of your smile
Baby, I fantasize
You see, you may not know this but
I love the rasp in your voice
And how I see god's love through your actions
And even though you're not perfect
I love how you capture- life as its intended to be
And not for what mankind has watered it down to
Baby, I fantasize about the day that i'll meet you
And I look forward to our first conversations
But I'll still be happy loving me
And until I can share that love
Ill be forever patient.


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