GUEST POST: Forbidden Desire

     So here we are yet again with another poem by another friend of mine named Jodi. Everyone who knows her call her by her nickname which is Twyg. Now that name has a meaning but I'll leave that up to her to tell you if she sees it fit to do so. Anyway as I said this poem was written by Twyg. After reading it you will most certainly understand her a bit and what makes her ... "tick" so to speak. So without further ado and what not here is "Forbidden Desire"

by: Jodi-Ann Riley

Desire boils in my veins
Waiting to erupt
My breath quickens my eyes a daze
My lips are dry and yet I cease to be amazed

I look into your eyes deep into your soul
My mind goes on a path of its own
Every second we don't touch is like
A year without my heart

I try to hide my budding desire, the pain that I feel
Knowing that it is thought to be wrong
But then I see your smile you lips open wide
The feeling of desire turns me to the end
I approach you slowly
Silently with your lips attracting my gaze

These emotions all these fears
Knowing that what I did what I have done
Will be with me for life
Our lips are one
The desire explodes
All my thoughts of right or wrong have gone
Because with you I am happy
I am me
I have no fear of what other people see
I am just simply being me doing what I am..
Happy to have you alone in my arms.
Your long hair flowing over your shoulders
Your bosom waiting to comfort my empty soul.

I care not if this is wrong
Only about my happiness
Which now I can take to my end
I leave this earth with a smile
That I could be me
Not caring what those others think of me

They say that being with you is a sin
But is my happiness also one?
All these emotions I have bubbling deep within
I don't care that your body is the same as mine
Only about that moment where we both intertwine

You are my comfort
And my light through this dark
You are all that I have and want


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